Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pack it up, pack it in/Let me begin/I came to win/battle me that's a sin/I won't ever slack up/punk you better back up/or else the whole crew'll act up

So. . .apparently people read this. Crikey. Which by the way is highly inappropiate considering that that guy died. So what's new? Well, I moved sucessfully to a house with my loving sister, then the washing maching flooded the downstairs. This was yesterday. Well, not the moving, just the flooding. It was bad. Very bad. Extremely bad. Well, yeah, it really was. So. . .I spent yesterday with a wet dry vac cursing the man who thought of carpet. Or at least absorbent flooring. Would it hurt to have rubberized floors that we could then just squeegee dry when they get soaked in water? Would that truly be a bad thing? No it wouldn't, but we have carpet. Which is basically a sponge you walk on. Why do I say that? Because I personally vacuumed about oh seventy gallons of water out of the carpet. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know which is worse, that I had to vacuum that out, or that there was that much to vacuum. The water bill is going to be good fuel for fire at least, since that will be how we keep warm when they turn the utilities off. Of course, all I have to do is keep that guy away from the box so he can't shut it off. . .hmmm, I guess I'll be sitting outside with a shotgun for a few. . .months.

Disclaimer: Javann isn't starving or dying from poverty, he is merely joking. In a funny ha-ha kind of way. However if you really feel badly enough about it, you should send him money. He'll gladly accept cash, credit card, PayPal, or really just anything you want to send him. Seriously, it could be a half eaten can of tuna. Well maybe not tuna, he hates that stuff. But if its the kind in the bag, maybe you could send that. Right.