Sunday, May 29, 2005

And I'm back! Back to my normal every day blog posting? No, not at all. But thanks blog faithful for reading.


November 23, 2003

Today, my mind seems stuck on the many differences in the human frame. Even though we all have the same parts and components, it never ceases to amaze me how different we really are. You could find a 6'7 man who was my height, weight, race, and even born on the same day as me, but he wouldn't look like me at all. Even twins can be completely different, though they share much of the same genetic code. I really find it incredible that each human can be distiguished by its features, so much so, that those features become related to that human in our own minds. There is nothing cooler to me than that. Of course, that has a lot to do with the fact that the genetic code, the deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA (as I like to call it) makes it possible to have literally trillions of different varieties. We have the ability to produce 2^23 different combinations and each of us has a different genetic sequence we've inherited from our parents. Nowhere do you read of two guys who look just alike, but have no relatives beyond the common parents we all share. That is what many people would view as amazing, something that leaves me incredulous myself. Either way it goes, its nice to know there's not someone out there that looks like me. Or has my fingerprints. Which I altered last night when I cut my finger on the table, during work. Its a pretty deep gash, but its still not managed to slow down my typing. =) Anyway, I gotta go do that thing, that I'm going to do, you know. . . that thing. . .that I'm doing. . .thing. . .right.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Give up? I don't know the meaning of give up. I've not had a lot of time to devote to blogging, but here I am.

Work has been taking up most of my time, and whatever's left has been driven towards going out in service. So, its Saturday, a week after what apparently I should call, the desperation post, and here we are. What happened this week you ask? Well, I hit something in the FedEx truck. It was a gutter. I hit a gutter. Its pathetically misshappen. But I got the chance to prove my honesty, because instead of hitting the gutter and then leaving, I hit it, stopped, and went inside and told the people who owned the building I'd damaged. Upon which I learned that they didn't even hear me hit them. I could've driven off very slowly and they'd never know what happened. My manager was actually kind of impressed I stopped. Not impressed enough to avoid writing me up, but impressed.

Anyway, I'd say I learned something today, but really, all I've learned is that people are fun. That's right, I said it. People are fun. Just sit down and talk to someone. I think its called social engineering in some circles, but I call it good ol fashioned conversation. If you talk to people long enough, you'll find out highly amazing things about them. And the funny thing about all of this, at least to me, is that all of the things you learn about them are normally completely voluntary. Why do they tell personal things about themselves to relative strangers? Well, some theorize that its a need for acceptance, or that its really to establish closeness in a relationship. Which I guess must be true to an extent, because you feel closer to someone when they tell you something that obviously is very personal. Such as the difficulty they had potty training their two year old, why their ex husband left them, what foolish things they had to do to keep from getting fired, all of these things are personal, and they will definitely make you feel as if you know that person a bit more.

Either way, people are open books that should be read, not for our general entertainment, (though it is very entertaining) but because, at the risk of sounding eighties cliche, we're all in this thing together. Or something like that.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

How long have you been reading this thing I call Javann's Deep Thoughts? Its been in existence for a while actually. One thing I've always liked is that I don't feel the need to write here. Because I know the people who read it, will come back faithfully, even if I neglect it for a few weeks or so. I must be right, because you're reading this right now. =) I added the smiley face to take some of the hard edge off of my arrogant claim.

Back when this blog started, my whole purpose to post deep thoughts. I mean truly deep thought provoking, meaningfully amazing thoughts. And I think the first few months, I was really on target. For instance, check out this thought:

Friday, March 05, 2004
This episode finds our hero stranded in a a world of books, trapped with no way out except through his mind. It being Friday, our hero lies down to rest for the rest of the weekend, since his policy is never to think on Friday. Though in all actuality I did some thinking. Granted it was last night, but technically it was Friday, since it was last night at 12:00 or so. Apparently my mind is not familiar with the standard time that my body is. Either way, my thought was pretty superfluous anyway, and so really it shouldn't really count as a thought. What I thought was that you never see any real genius superheroes. You never see the superhero who's one power is his incredible mind. Sure he's kinda buff, (since no one wants to see flab in a spandex, or whatever it is the stylish superheros are wearing nowadays) but he's been altered by a terrible accident/comes from another planet/was raised in a library and now has the mental power of fifty men. Sure you see people who can move things with their minds but you rarely see people who can think and invent a way to do that. Some superheros are smart but they have to be because the only intelligent people you see are villians. Lex Luthor, Brainiac, that guy with the huge head from the Hulk comics, all of those are villians whose sole abilities are mental. There's never a point where a man who's a supergenius decides, "Hey, I'm going to go out and fight some crime. . ." Its always world domination for the intelligent ones. What does that say about our society, don't be smart because if you are chances are you'll want to rule the world? Sheer brilliance and overwhelming intelligence is never a true match for brute strength backed by an average mind? Only the intelligent make truly formidable foes? Draw your own conclusions, I'm going to go take my second test of the day. Hopefully my brute strength and average intelligence will help me prevail upon my evil genius professor, who has a doctorate in world domination. Really its political science but its just a small stretch of the imagination.

Deep right? But wait there's more:
I'm so drunk with my power of partipulation. I think I explained that somewhere. If not, there's always tomorrow, and you can bet your bottom dollar, that uh, hmmm. . .I'm not sure how that ends. Anyway, that was my weekend in an extremely small nutshell. This weekend was full of thoughts, and I'll be the first to share them with whoever cares to read. Mainly, my thoughts were focused on the human mind. The human mind is without a doubt one of the most intriguing and complex gifts that we have. Not just from a biological viewpoint. Though really, I have to admit, I'm not all that shocked or impressed by it from a physiological standpoint. Really, our mind is synonymous to a system of living wires, all of which can be formed from point to point, simply by what we see hear, or think. All of our memories are dependent upon those wires staying uncorroded. That's not impressive at all. (sarcasm of course) But the fact that the mind can be so versatile will always impress me. It can produce a vast range of emotions, so many that we have a hard time understanding HOW we feel from time to time. Love, hate, anger, sadness, fondness, warmth, joy, peacefulness, all of those feelings emanate from our brain, due to a series of synapses, firing and responding due to what we've just experienced. What I see and experience is vastly different from what other people see and experience, even though we're similar from a biological standpoint. Two people can see the same person, and one person may find that other person to be the most beautiful person that he/she has ever seen. The other person maybe literally repulsed. Its all due to our minds. I'm also shocked by the range of thought that the mind is capable of. One person can have thoughts of world peace and bunnies, and then devious thoughts of hatred and revenge, in the course of three to four minutes. I know it can because I've done it. All in all, that's the best thought I can get out for such morning as this. Don't worry, I'll be sure to "step correct" come Tuesday, or the next blog will be my last! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. . .yeah I don't get it either. I was going to share poetry, but why not go to and search for Javann Jones. There's plenty there for your Javann-reading needs.

Deep! Fulfilling! It amazes me everytime I realize that I, Javann Lamar Jones, wrote that type of thing. You should've seen my spiel on time being the perception of change. It was long. And well written. But most importantly, it was deep.

Lately though, I've not had any really deep thoughts. Or even the spark to sit down and write. I have the desire to write, but every time I start, its like I hate what I've written, and I delete it and walk away in disgust. Its a shame really. You'd think I could recycle my old ideas, but no, I'm forced to be fresh new, and I just don't have what it takes. I honestly think its from my hiatus from college. I don't really feel intellectually challenged much at work, or at all in my everyday life. . .wow this is getting long. Either way, enjoy your Sunday, and hopefully, Monday will bring a better blog with deeper thoughts. Deeper NEWER thoughts.

Monday, May 09, 2005

To believe what everyone says, would be to believe everything I disagree with. . .
Break the wrist, then walk away, break the wrist then walk away.

If you had superpowers, would you use them in a way that could benefit people? The first answer may be yes, but think about it. . .saving people takes a lot of time and energy. And as was proven by the Incredibles movie, just because you save someone's life doesn't mean they want to be saved. They may actually want to plummet to a painful and or fiery death.

But think about it, most of us, if we had super powers would simply use them as a release. You know, you're really having a bad day, so you toss a Volkswagen a whole half block. Now, your day doesn't seem so bad right? Or even better, you don't want to be at work, so you turn invisible and sneak out. Or you want to go to the Cayman Islands, but it'd be too expensive to fly there. Not anymore, you think as you grab your suitcases and begin flying at subsonic speeds to your destination.

Its really kind of a given that super powers would only be another form of release of enjoyment for ourselves, simply because that's what we do now actually with our normal not so super powers. I'm tall, I can jump high, so I play a sport and get paid. I don't go around bursting into buildings and reaching things on high shelves for little old ladies who can't afford step ladders. Or hey look, I'm amazingly beautiful, I'll help market products which are potentially carcinogenic, because that's what pays. I won't use my influential power to save the world or to at least convince some fat dumb guys not to kill their kittens.

That's just the way things work. Remember that.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I've been called psychotic more times that I care to recount. Do you really think, madam, that this bit of besmirching will hinder me from my goal?

I've not got a lot of time, but I can promise that this week, there shall be a story. I'm feeling all tingly and creative and I think the only way to truly resolve that is to unleash the madness stored in my brain upon the world. How very fortunate for you, right? Right.

You know what I really want to do? I'm not sure if anyone who reads this blog also reads that other blog about thoughts (you know I'm the deep thoughts, he's the misconstrued ones) but every Thursday recently, Jerm's been telling an ongoing story about Elbert. The story manages to lure you into a trap of sentimentality and sympathy before it snaps the harsh reality of life upon the unsuspectingly sappy. In a few words, I'm loving it. (A lot more than McDonald's, I might add) I have long stated that sentimentality is just a ploy to make things that would otherwise be viewed as creepy or even (gasp) insane appear to be perfectly normal, or even (double gasp) cute. This is particularly true in literature and movies. Don't get me wrong, in real life, there are times when there is a need for some sympathy and compassion, but when its, "Aww, look at the old man, he's putting dog food out on his back porch for a dog he doesn't have to keep a promise to a dead son," I don't see the need. Sure that seems sweet, but to me, that screams insanity.

Of course, we're talking about Jerm here, and to be honest, I forsee a relatively soft ending where Elbert dies before he can accomplish his goal of infamy (you really should've been following this on his site you know). And if you're like me, which I hope for your sakes that you're not, you'll be disappointed, because a soft ending would just be a pillow-cushioned drop back to sentimentality, and then what's been accomplished? Not much. The reader feels at ease and goes on believing that insanity that is thinly veiled behind "emotional" destitution is okay. Bah, I say! Harrumph, I add! And what is more, you can look forward to the story of Elbert as is told by the slightly. . .different mind of Javann. Hmmm. . .that sounds a bit sinister. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!