Tuesday, September 30, 2003

The legal system of America is a joke. I just realized that my ticket only costs 40 bucks. Not so bad huh? But they tack on $114 in court costs. So I ended up shelling out, or at least I would have, 154 bones. That's not cool. That's not cool at all. In fact, its probably the antithesis of everything that I hold as being cool. And that really sucks for those people not wearing seat belts, because its like 124 bucks just to set thing straight. Of course, as idiotic as America's legal system is, the people who are under it are much more so. One guy got a ticket for driving without a license. That's about 130 dollars, but get this, he doesn't pay it, and he doesn't go to court on the date set for him. So there was a warrant out for his arrest, because at this point he was a major threat to the general society. How did I know that? He was in the courtroom with ankle bracelets and an orange jumpsuit. That's right ladies and gentlemen, he went to jail. Over not driving with his license. Just go to court, contest it, and say that you'd lost it, but had it. They'll let you go, I know they will because I had to watch twenty of those stupid cases. Anyway, the judge said my name wrong. And I had thoughts of how long you would live if you attacked the judge. You know, before the state troopers restrained you or gunned you down. That was my random thought of the day. My deep thought today? Well, lets just say I had many, but none of which I think should be shared. I did wonder more on the thoughts of the past. But I guess ultimately, I failed to bring you the deepness you desire. And for that, I apologize. Maybe tomorrow, I'll have something for you.
So here I am in class, doing pretty much a whole lot of nothing. I guess I should be paying attention, but I really hope that my teacher doesn't walk around like he is now. Whoa. He almost realized I'm back here blogging. Sometimes I think he knows, he's on top of things. Well, today I go to court. To try take advantage of justice. Or just get a driving class. We're learning HTML now, which is pretty laughable, since I already know it. I kinda taught myself, being the genius I am. Really, I'm not a genius at all. Oh, don't try to use the comments, apparently some jerk has been adding scripts to the comments, and is attempting to download a little friend to your computer. This little friend will drop your friend. Well, I got attention to pay, so no huge thought for now. I'll be sure to do something great before work.

Monday, September 29, 2003

Ladidadi, we like to party, chances are it'll be enough to bother somebody. What's going on, Assorted Candy faithfuls, and whoever else reads this page. Today, as that lovely script at the beginning of this blog tells you, is Monday. There's no day quite like a Monday, because its full of invigoration and new hopes for so many people. Really, Monday is full of headaches and lack of rest for most people, and then there's the few that wished that there were something else to do other than go to work or school (or both) on Monday. I bet you want to know how my day is going, don't ya? Well, you'll have to read it anyway. Thus far the day is good, I've had a great time in class, and I'm living the life of the penniless with relative ease today. No free food thus far, but I guess that's the way it goes. My thoughts for today are all pretty scrambled, there's a bit of confusion on my part, but that's normal. I did have a great thought during class, but I've forgotten it, which does bring me to an interesting fact that we learned in communications. We lose 50% of what we hear immediately after hearing it. 50%. Obviously, that is basically half of what we hear. When I heard that statistic, it made me think back to everything I'd heard or talked about that day, and I honestly think I lost more than 50%. Which actually is quite true. The same researchers who conducted this study, waited eight hours and found out that about 35% was retained over an hour (on the average) That means that roughly one/third of what we hear is remembered. Which one third is it though? Of course, many psychology majors will be the first to tell you that its the first thing we hear, and the last thing we hear that we are most likely to remember. But that actually breaks down to roughly 3/8 of what we hear. I say that because I equate the middle to be roughly twice the first and last part (introduction and conclusion). What this means is that we are doomed. Doomed to a life of constant and continual forgetfulness.(I just forgot how to spell forgetfulness) Things that we hear and see are slipping away like so many grains of sand in an hour glass, like the proverbial days of our lives. Does this mean that we should give up on retaining knowledge of any kind? Well, we still got a third of what we hear. Which means, while we're listening, we could ascertain what exactly is the gist of the matter, and then have that be our third. Another suggestion is to take notes, since then we could review what was heard. Chances are that might help. What this really made me think of is the fact that we only use 10% (or was it one percent?) of our brain's inherent abilities. This means that we will never fill our brain completely with knowledge in seventy odd years. Could that be due to the fact that we can't remember but a third of the things that we hear? Or do we remember things, yet lack the ability to pull it up outta our reserves. Either way, I think this merits more brain power on my part. I'll have a slick little theory up in no time. Meanwhile, massage your inner organ, stretch muscles that improve your looks and greatly increase your life span by laughing. Or staring in wonderment and amazement'll work.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Well, today's Sunday, the beginning of a new week, but unfortunately, to many people, myself included, its really a pretty pathetic end to a weekend of great fun. A weekend so fun I can barely keep my eyes open at the moment. I'm so tired I can't even think straight, but I do know that I've not been myself for a while. I think, as usual, school has drained everything even remotely Javann and left this cold dark shell of my former self. Of course, if this is true, the sad thing is that I realize this, and yet, I've not done much to improve the situation. Of course, I started this blog, but really, what good does it do? I'm just basically yelling into a cave to enjoy the sound of my own thoughts, and maybe to get a few reflections of mine to make sense. Not much makes sense nowadays, in fact, there's nothing that makes sense nowadays. Of course, there's the old standbys, the we have to keep doing this because that's the way the world is. And then there's the even better, things aren't going to get better, but you'll get used to it so it always feels this bad and not worse. Okay, I made that up. But that's the way it seems to be. At least to me. I think I need to take a nap, this is getting cynical. Anyway, I'll leave on a happy thought, let me find something happy to leave on. If this doesn't make you chuckle, you're ice cold. Which by the way is cooler than cool.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Man. This weekend was incredible. I'll not dish the entire details, but I saw Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk, and two other guys in tights. Come October, there'll be quite a few silenced people from Long Island. Coincidentally, at the the end of this post, or sometime in the future, I'll put up the lyrics to Long Island Is The Coolest Island (East Of New York), done by my good friends, Jerm and Juice. But enough jibba jabba. I do not have time for jibba jabba. Actually, I was thinking tonight about love. Yeah, I know, I try to avoid this subject for the time being, but really I was more or less concerned with the dynamics, if you will, of the human romantical relationship. Of course, its interpersonal, but what exactly determines the "start" of romance? At what point does a relationship between a male and a female become an involvement? Is it commitment from either or both parties? My reasoning for this comes from, of course, personal experience. I don't want to give too much away, since this is pretty incriminating, but lets just say, someone I used to know, and always thought of as being a good friend, almost like a baby sister, I ran into the other day, and I remember being blown away at how beautiful she'd become. Not just physically beautiful, that's not enough to blow a person away, but in how beautiful she'd become as a person. I think everyone has some beauty in them, just the way that personalities interact and respond with each other is a beautiful thing in itself, but what struck me about her, is she'd matured so much as a person, as an entity. Seeing her without the facade that high school and immaturity places upon us all really made think. Of course, I don't think she saw me the same way, honestly,because that's the way my life seems to go. Not saying that my life isn't great, but that is the general story of my life, I'm a loser, I see beauty, and when it sees me, it takes a wide berth around me, and ends up somewhere else. But that's getting off of the beating path. My point is, what makes me think, or feel something, but not someone else? Why am I writing pages about this one girl, and she's probably not even thinking about me right now? I guess if I could understand that and bottle it, I'd be rich. Maybe she'd notice me then. . .but probably not. Anyway, feel free to leave your thoughts, and don't worry, I'm not "smitten", or pining away for the unattainable. I'm just thinking.

Friday, September 26, 2003

My early morning thoughts aren't much different from my late night thoughts. I do know that I'll not be eating Taco Bell late, ever again, no matter how hungry I am, and no matter how pathetically cheap that food is, it'll make you sick. Just remember that. I've had enough of it to know better I guess, but that new spicy chicken burrito was so tempting. Oh well, I guess that's the price I pay for being an idiot. Sing the blues with me, I'll be on my way again. Well, I'm off to do something other than blog. OH! Today is the day that the greatest video EVAR will be completed. The forecast calls for the coolest video that mankind has ever seen, no, the coolest video that the universe has ever known. Yeah, that's a tall order, but well, I'm 6'7. I think I can fill it. Get your dancing shoes ladies, its going to be worth it.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

So I just realized that there's not been much by the way of deep thoughts. I've not had many lately, well, yeah I have, just none that you'd want to hear. Of course, you shouldn't hear anything when you're reading my blog, so I guess I'll go into some of what i'm thinking. Lately, I've been seriously thinking about life. I know what the purpose is, but have you ever realized how much it forces you to have tunnel vision? When I drive by people on the street, talking and laughing, I just wish I could go there and be them, for the twenty seconds that i saw them. To experience their conversation, or even just their walk. Its like we all live in these tiny worlds, so self involved that we see people, but we really don't SEE them. That concept's touched upon in the book Invisible Man (no The) by Ralph Ellison. In it, the main character argues that he is invisible,not because you can see through him, but because most people label him and see nothing but their preconcieved notions of what he is. How often do we do that? In my communications class, this is called totalizing someone, or basically expecting something of someone based on previous experience with them. But if there's no previous experience, is it necessarily right to totalize a person? Of course, I can always get into what I mean by right, but its kinduva inherent meaning here ya know? Of course, its all easy to say and think about, but I doubt that I'll ever really stop being so self consumed that I don't care about everyone. You know, if you look even deeper into this, you realize that we don't even care to think about people we're not acquainted with even to acknowledge their existence, imagine dying for people who aren't even born. Yet, that's been done, and somehow we take that for granted. Oh well, feel free to spit some intelligence on this page. I'm off to amuse myself elsewhere.
Okay, don't get used to this. I'm sure by the time the novelty wears off, this blog will be more neglected than my actual journal. Its somewhere between the dust and floor. I guess that means my room needs cleaning. . .nah. So anyway, my thoughts at this moment have somewhat expanded, and I figured I'd grace you with a interesting thought on the Big Spring Jam. For my non-Huntsville (i.e. non-urban) brethren and uh. . .sestren, the BSJ is a huge music concert that lasts all weekend long. In the past, such groups as the Gin Blossoms, Incubus, Filter (NO SHOW!!), that band that starts with a D (which would be a cool name for a band), Hoobastank, Two Skeevie J's, and Saliva (the first concert I had to step out on. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?) While that's a not so star studded line up, you should see the line up for this weekend, which is the BSJ weekend incidentally. Seether'll be here. So will EverClear, and then, get this: Hootie and the Blowfish. Whoohooo. And the Gap Band. That's worth seeing honestly. So I'll not be going to any of the BSJ this weekend, UNLESS Jeremy's idea of going there and doing a tribute show to Wesley Willis, the greatest schizophrenic music artist ever (yes better than Whitney Houston and Diana Ross) who passed away this past month. If you've not heard him, my friend, you've not lived. Well, I'm sure you've lived, but not very well. Okay maybe well. Anyway, this Friday will be when all the talent hits the fan, since we'll be making a video like no other. If you've not seen the videos you should. Bear in mind, we're trained professionals. There's been a slight, no, a huge challenge made by some people with the weirdest concept of funny known to man. Well, maybe not the weirdest by definitely the most defunct, if nothing else. I guess I should keep this nice and short, so I'll be a going. Take it easy ladies and gents.
Well, here I am at the computer lab, feeling more insignificant. Believe or not, well actually believe it, the comps here are four to five times better than the one at home. Not to down the computer lab or anything, but last time I was here, I got to gloat about the fact that I could do things faster at home. Well no more gloating for me. Why am I in the computer lab on campus? Good question. You should ask more. Actually, on the second thought, just keep quiet. I'm killing time since my class ended earlier than normal, i.e. I left cause I didn't want to paint anymore. I swear, if I see any more paint in my life time, it'll be too soon. Also, I wanted to update my blog, like the cool genius I am. So what's shaking? My wrists from carpal tunnel syndrome. Man, this is getting to be tasking on the hands. So want a random thought? Of course you do, so here's my random thought of the day. At what point do people realize that having a song for a ring on a cell phone will never be original again? Just because you have some song that no one else has (in your area) doesn't make you original. Creative? Nope. Its all good really, just bear in mind that you're going to be unique, just like everyone else. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta find a cooler song for my cell phone to play.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Oh yeah, I guess I should talk about what exactly I did today. Well, the day started out quite well with a bit of pool, which by the way I sucked at horribly. You'd think the game of pool would be a simple thing. Really, nothing is simple when you actually take the time to think about. There's so much complexity to everything in life. You can take anything and make it complex. And often times I do. But on the plus side, I did win a game or two, actually since people can't seem to itch right at the end of the game, they end up scratching on the eight ball. And I've officially forgottne how to spell scratch. That's some incredible stuff. Also I had a test today. Total coolness, I think I ripped it apart, which in retrospect means I flunked. Oh well, I guess that means I gotta wait till I get the test back. ALSO!! I found out I could be an intern today!! That'd be cool, doing research in my field. I gotta speak with my professor, but if she says yes, Dr. Rountree (the head of the Communications department) said he'd waive the 15 credit hour requirement. So totally SCHWAY!!(translation: cool) Anyway, later dudes and dudettes.
Well well well. Look what's happened here. Its Javann, the world's most incredibler person, doing even more incredibler things. Of course, you probably don't know me. So I'll take advantage of this opportunity to tell ya about me. Actually, I'll grab a juice first. I'm Javann. I have thoughts. I post them here. Don't worry, it'll get better than this. Actually it won't. BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!