Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sometimes I just want to go outside at night and scream Hello into the darkness. Just to see if anyone answers back.

My car's in the shop, so I'm sitting at home from work, after getting a ride home, with not much to do. The sad thing is that I could have sworn I'd have more to do at home today. Oh sure I could wash my laundry, do a little cleaning, work out, or even practice my skating moves (I'm getting good. . .well better than I was). But its 1021 and honestly, I don't feel like doing all that much right now. Which leaves me here. At this computer. Typing to people I either don't know or who probably only exist in my head. Oh and my mother, who reads my blog to see what's "new" with me. But there's rarely anything new. My life is nothing like Doogie Howser, where every few entries he had learned a new lesson in life that he could apply from now on. I've learned no new lessons at all. And I think that I'm okay with things that way. If I had to learn new life lessons everyday, it'd be a difficult life. Every thirty minutes, (well really twenty if you account for commercial) I'd be saying, "man, (insert name here) really got upset today. At first, I couldn't understand why, but now after (insert other name here) did the same thing to me, I felt the pain of (insert the first name here) ten times over. From now on, I'm never going to (insert thing) to (insert first name) because we're friends. And I think that's what being friends is all about."

Anyway, here's a link. Go ahead, it won't bite.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Those following my recent blogging know that I am slightly perturbed with the sudden surge in popularity of TV on the Radio. I just don't get them. At least that's what I thought. That's right. I'm on the bandwagon. The deciding factor is actually a pretty cool story.

So for the last six or seven months, I've had this song that keeps popping in and out of my head. I have no idea as to who its by, and I can't remember any chorus or words. All I know is that I'll be sitting around and then I'll be singing this song in some kind of guttural moan. I tried singing it to other people to see if they knew it and of course, due to my inability to translate the thought to sound waves, all I got were blank stares. Fast forward to pretty much five minutes ago, when I was sorting through some mp3's on my iPod (translation: being OCD and labeling every song with its proper artist, name, and track number) when I heard the song. I was literally beside myself. Then I looked at the title. It was Staring At the Sun by (yep) TV on the Radio. This song has all but haunted my dreams for the last six or seven months, if not longer. I've been singing that song off and on for a very very long time. Why? I don't know, I guess I like it, though I'd like a deeper metaphysical answer than that.

All I know is this song, this band has gained official Javann status. I know they're probably going to go out and celebrate tonight, but that means a lot. This was a band I'd written off, and they have come to life. They get Javann status and the coveted Lazarus award.

So long story short, if you haven't been listening to TV on the Radio, go listen to that song and if it doesn't haunt your very dreams then write them off. Its okay, they'll be back.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

When was the last time you woke up in the morning and you didn't feel a little lost? I don't mean where-am-I lost, I mean lost as in what am I doing here? Maybe everything is going very well for you and then suddenly, you wake up and you're very much there but not sure what there is. Maybe I should be happy I'm waking up every morning. For some reason, that never seems enough. I guess I've awakened every morning for the last twenty four (almost twenty five) years and I've grown accustomed to it. Does that mean I'm losing focus, that maybe I should just be happy for what I'm taking for granted? Maybe. Nothing is promised for tomorrow, and every morning I draw breath is a blessing. But is it wrong to want more? I'd like to think I was created to want more than to just be alive. But was it the more I'm looking for. I'd like to pretend like I know, but in all honesty, I don't have a clue. I guess I always kind of hope that someday I'll figure it out, since no one likes being lost. Not that it hasn't been a good ride, but well, a ride going somewhere you've never been before seems like it take forever. Maybe that's why I feel lost. I know what I'm doing, and well, its nothing I've done before, so now it feels as if I'm lost. Bah. I tire of introspection.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I've been sick the last few days. Its kind of sucked. Because I just got over another illness that made me feel terrible. I don't know about you, but I don't do the illness thing very well. I hate being sick. Of course, I'm sure there's not anyone out there who relishes the idea, but I really really hate being sick. I think I got the world beat on this one. I hate it so much, that when I'm sick, I literally hate myself for being sick. Okay, that's a bit extreme, and also a bit untrue, but it emphasizes how much I hate being sick. I think the thing I hate the most is the congestion. BEcause there's no polite way to relieve oneself of the congestion. I've tried numerous ways, and none of them worked. And you don't sniff, then you have the problem of feeling like there's snot running down your face. That certainly isn't polite. I don't think Ms. Manners was thinking of the general sick population when she was writing her list of etiquette do's and don'ts for the rest of us. Actually, that was a bit rude of her.