Monday, July 25, 2005

Post in two parts. Both parts equal. Both parts same point. Completely different.
Post 1A:

Ever notice how people can inspire others to be selfless? It happens in relationships, families, on the job, pretty much everywhere. A couple has a child and they work like crazy to make sure that child gets everything it needs, and probably will ever want. Overtime, sweat, blood, tears, and if baby food, diapers, or one of those even flo swings were illegal, crime wouldn't be too much. But more than just children inspire that kind of willing selflessness. The love between two people will make them do anything to stay together. Its as if no hurdle is too high, as if no obstacle is too great or insurmountable. No matter what they find in the path of togetherness, they will push through it as if it were nothing, and gladly. Its amazing really.

Post 1B:
Ever notice how people will do crazy things to keep something? It happens mostly in relationships, families, on job, but really its everywhere. A couple has a child and they will do anything necessary just to keep the kid alive, but not only alive, but happy. Working overtime, sweat, blood tears, and anything illegal if it'll make that kid stop crying and start smiling. It doesn't just stop there though. If there's two people together, in a relationship, don't stand in the way. They will kill, cheat, murder, lie and steal to stay together. It may not even be a good idea for them to be together, it could be the mistake of their lives, and they will just keep plugging away as if its nothing. The look of pure happiness that covers their face is really just an amazing example of their deluded thought process.

A or B?

Friday, July 22, 2005

You need understanding.
In your life there has been many people that
could never seem too comprehend your
personality. Now you have either become an
out-cast because of their narrow minds or you
have adjusted yourself to them, and never
letting them see who you are deep inside. You
now think that no one will ever understand you
and you hate that fact. Though you are scared
of what the effects might be if you would
decide to let someone in so you keep a safe
distance that you both curse and bless.

What Do You Need in Your Life? [dark pics]
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True? Probably not.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Just a good ol boy/never meaning no harm/beat all you never saw, been in trouble with the law/since the day they were born

So apparently there's a website out where, believe or not, you can store video's, documents, and whatever else you have that digital until you die. Do you have any idea how awesome that is? I'd love to get a bunch of awkward video clips and have them released at my wake. Stuff that I'd die if someone saw. But at this point, that's not even an issue, because I will be dead. That would be awesome. Okay, that's really all I got for today. Have a good day, ladies and gents.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Yay, my shoulder hurts. I managed to damage the one thing that I never really use. My shoulder. Hooray again. How did it happen you ask? I was climbing up into a dock, after having made a late delivery, and I stood up and rammed my shoulder, just between the collar bone and the neck into this wooden shelf. And I went back down for the count. It was like I got punched by Mike Tyson. Not Mike Tyson now, I'm talking Mike Tyson, circa 1992, when he was the heavy weight champion of the world. Or something. Maybe its not 1992. . .anyway.

So I have a lot of topics floating around in my head, but for the sake of time, and also making sure that people view me as well, sane, I'll only mention this one. One which, by the way, would work a lot better on say, Jerm's site. Music captures moods perfectly. Its amazing really. There are still songs that when I hear them, I think about some situation, where maybe I was lying in bed staring at the wall, "coping" if you will. The point is, emotionally, we become attached to songs. So obviously, we can categorize songs to emotional events. For instance, a song that reminds me of a failed relationship is Movies by Alien Ant Farm. Why? Long, long drawn out story. But the point is, that's what that song does. Or when I think of a head thrashing party out rock song, I think Party Hard by Andrew W.K. simply because for a long time, I'd listen to that before every party I went too. Music. Its amazing isn't it? Are there any songs that make you think of anything specific? Evoke lost and repressed emotions, or even euphoria?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

So today, I'm peacefully driving my delivery truck when I get stuck behind a car travelling well below the speed limit. Now I was in no hurry, so I stayed behind them for a while, but after I saw a lady in a wheel chair pass me, I decided to go around the car. Sure enough, they were old. And as anyone who knows me will attest to, if there's anything I like talking about, its old people. I find them fascinating to say the least. Not fascinating like I love old people, and I think they're cute (sorry geriatric anthropologists) but fascinating like their logic must make sense in their own wrinkly stoop backed little world. Don't get me wrong, old people are literally the backs upon which society and technology are built, and I respect their contributions to our flourishing culture (ha!) but seriously. . .they don't make any sense. For instance, they drive slowly. As if they have all the time in the world to get where they're going. They don't work, sure, but they are ripe for death, and if I were old, I'd be living like I could drop dead at any point in my life, because I literally could. Wisdom? I think not. Danger negates itself as you get older. The whole point of avoiding dangerous situations is avoiding death. And lets be realistic, dying of old age is not exactly the way one ends up. Alzheimers, cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and a plethora of other diseases will catch up to you in the long run, and then after several months of severe pain and suffering, you die. So, knowing that this probably will be you, you take every precaution to ensure that you make it to this end? Maybe its because they all hope one night they'll fall asleep and die, but let me tell you, back pain, arthritis, loss of sight, and watching your friends go is just as bad as any disease I mentioned. So live dangerously old people. Go hang gliding, or base jumping, or even sky diving, just go out and live. Think of how cool you'll be in the obituaries if you're the 89 year old who died in a freakish bungee jumping accident. I'd think you're cool.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Extemperaneous thoughts will never happen. Not as long as I control this blog space. Neither will deep thoughts apparently. Or posting. Or anything else bloglike. Because I am Javann, and as Javann, I don't have as much time to post like I usually do. No time in the morning, no time at night, some time during the day. And therefore, I have decreed that Javann will post his new blog for the day at around 1200, so that way, I'll not have to be up late at night, or early in the morning. I can happily ride the middle into blogging mediocrity, and that is how it shall be. Why? Because you asked for it.

So you want to be like Javann? Okay. Javann is currently enjoying the ATHF vol. 3 dvd set. You should as well, because Javann is awesome. And you, who want to be like Javann, vis a vis, awesome, should go enjoy that. Javann is also currently listening to the Gorillaz latest album, and simultaneously lamenting how week this year has been musically. Very little good has been done musically, and all the normal artists are either unaccounted for, or falling short of the high standard they've set. Alas, this shall be the year forever known as the year pop music was the only good thing you could find. And by good, I mean relatively good. Not actually good. Because then, I'd be calling pop good. Which I'm not. Since you've been gone. . . I mean. . .uh. . .end transmission!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Its moments like this silence in which I step in...

Deep thoughts is the name of this site... yet what is a deep thought.

What is the meaning of What Javann calls Deep thoughts...

should it truly be Extemporaneous Thoughts or maybe better yet,

Extemporaneous Deep Thoughts...

which ever.

But the fact is if Javann changed his name to Extemporaneous Thoughts, then he could always post. It could be the first thing that comes to his mind.

Hmm, I'll try this really quick...

First clear the mind...

now let it go into random mode like an early 90's 500 disk CD deck.

And what comes out...

What if we had one huge tongue that came out of the middle of our mouth... acting like a pestile against the roof of our mouth. Then replace all the teeth with little tongues, would we taste better... would we literaly then get our tongue in knots?

... and this is a sample of what Extemporaneous Thoughts could be...