Friday, July 30, 2004

She said no/I said oh/so/we eventually had to go/just so you can know/that nothing is more exciting than what you know

Notice the start of my blogs being draped in italics and rhyming. Nice for everyone involved. Well today is Friday, obla di, obla da, life goes on ohhhh that's how life goes on. . .which means I'm tired. Very very tired. There's nothing more important than a well rested tiger. Because a well rested tiger is a calm and patient tiger. Who will not take no for an answer. Okay now I'm babbling. Either way, its Friday, I'm tired, and this begins my work week (though its only three days long) Oh well, I guess that's to be expected. So, what's new? Nothing for me, though I have an interesting theory. It was definitely interesting. But I'll not disclose here, not until its at least a law. Anyway, this is boring for both parties, so I'm gone. Enjoy the mp3. The real question is: what is the mp3?

Its a real good weekend song. Enjoy. The Hives - Die All Right

My mood?

"Am I cool now?" No, Aaron, no you're not. =)

Thursday, July 29, 2004

I'm convinced that the best remedy for all problems is sleep. Not feeling so great? Take a nap. Sleep makes you feel better. Maybe its a truth for me since a lot of my problems come from a lack of sleep. So apparently, I need more sleep. Well yesterday saw that sleep happen. I slept for about 15 hours yesterday. That's right, 15 hours. I went to bed at five in the evening, and I didn't wake up again till eight in the morning. Eight o'clock, AM. That's a lot of sleep. And I feel great. There's nothing better, I tell you. Nothing. I did no thinking, since, obviously, I was sleep, so I'll have to have a short blog today. Either way, thanks for stopping and you get a cool mp3 for coming by.

What could ever be the cool mp3 that Javann is no doubt superficially referencing? Well this cool mp3 is cooler than cool, in fact, its ice cold, and what makes it so cool? Well, its a total remix of the X-files theme. Have you ever heard that theme and thought, man it need to be toned down and have some really good drums? No? Well listen to this and you will. The X Files Theme - Dust Brothers

My mood?

There's no way I'd eat that. Yet Canadians do all the time. Its called poutine.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

"The blind stares of a million eyes/looking hard but can't realize/they glare but they will never see. . ."
Anyone familiar with my dietary regimen will be shocked to find that I, Javann Lamar Jones, have been lured to the dark side.  That's right.  I have become an unwilling slave to the power that is coffee.  I can't seem to get enough of that funky stuff.  Its like someone is controlling my very soul.  Every morning (or time period of awakening really) that I wake up without a some form of coffee (I've been known to freebase the stuff) flowing into my veins or being ingested, is a day that frankly, I don't want to wake up.  Its like a day with no sunshine.  Sure you're there, but do you really want to be.  Terrifying really, but the grip that this holds on me is so strong that I'd sell my last piece of food and or clothing for coffee in the morning.  I'm contemplating getting a witty mug, preferably something in a 12 oz or 16 oz department, with some type of saying that emphasizes my undying loyalty to caffeine.  I'm sure my dentist will approve of my sudden affection for such a strong stainer of teeth.  Well, fie I say, fie to the dentist and his love of white healthy teeth.  Such is the immense sacrifice I shall make for coffee.  I'm not fond of my dentist anyway.  He's always telling me I should floss more, and there's nothing I hate more than a pious attitude when it comes to dental hygiene.  I'll floss after every chicken meal and not a night more!  Anyway, moving on. . .

The mp3 of the day you say?  I'd like it to be about coffee, but apparently my collection needs to grow a bit before that becomes a reality.  So I'll just put a song that makes me think about coffee.  That'll be good enough right?  Right.  Anyway, here's the goodness that is Tank! by Yokko Kano.  Makes you want to get up and go do something. . .like drink coffee. . .or hunt for bounties.  Bonus points for the cool people who know what this is the theme song for WITHOUT googling for it. . .posers. . .

My mood?

Milk?  Its good for putting in coffee, if say, you're out of nondairy creamer. . .

Friday, July 23, 2004

Adoration.  The ones that deserve it never get it, and those who don't always get it.  Its like a joke that doesn't make sense.  Where does all this affection and attentions stem from?  Chemical reactions in the brains of the masses.  And what exactly causes those chemical reactions?  Some say its the resonance of notes causing our very structure to vibrate, others say its the synapses that fire due to what we've heard and stored in our memory up until a certain point, whether consciously or unconsciously.  I'm sure other theories exist, and I'm sure that at some point, we'll have a fuller understanding as to what causes emotions, and how we can deal with them.  Things like mood swings, intense emotions that come and then are replaced by even more intense emotions of an opposite kind.  An emotional roller coaster if you will.  Ever been through that?  Ever felt, during one day, or even during a moment, like everything's going your way, everyone is your best friend, and there is nothing wrong whatsoever, only the next day or moment to feel as if everything's dark, broken, that you're a loser, and everyone knows it and doesn't care?  What causes these sudden shifts in perception?  Its really quite perplexing, because unfortunately the brain, our mind, controls our perception so much that one could say that it formulates what we view as being truth.  There are absolute truths, don't get me wrong, they do exist, but in our heads, in our own little worlds, we see and perceive things that are true, and misconstrue them into something that isn't true, something that is a falsehood.  There's no way to tell when you do this, or what causes it, so you can't even tell when you should trust your own thoughts, and when you should bore ahead.  Blind people have no faith in their site, and deaf people certainly won't count on their hearing to save their lives.  At least they know that they can't trust the input from their eyes or ears, simply because there is no input, but what if the input is correct, but the processing isn't?  How do we know what to believe and what not to believe?  Once again, absolute truths do exist, and each are blatantly obvious, but what about the social nuances that we as humans must interpret in our everyday reaction with others?  Its difficult enough to interpret what a person means when duplicity runs rampant in our society, but imagine how even more difficult it would be if you yourself were sending off wayward, problematic signals unawares, only to be shocked by the response to your actions.  That in itself would make you doubt yourself, and perhaps make you doubt your friendships, relationships, and any other interaction you have with others.  Automatically, you feel the need to recluse, and then suddenly, you're alone, and as we all know, humans are a social creature.  One would think that this outcome could be avoided, but as of yet, science offers nothing, and most people would rather not talk about their feelings, especially in the case of them being "dark", "cynical", or "weird" because as humans we automatically classify the humans who have these feelings as being those things, when in actuality, we all have the same feelings from time to time, but that doesn't make us those things.  I may fall in love, that doesn't make me a romantic, nor does feeling fear from time to time make me a coward.  Those who feel anger aren't tempermental, homicidal, or slaves to their own wrath, and thusly those who have dark or cynical thoughts aren't necessarily dark or cynical themselves.  Either way, I've done enough thinking for one day. 
As far as the mp3 of the day goes, I don't know much about this group, nor can I impart much knowledge as to what makes this song great.  All I can say is, they came to Nashville, I wanted to go see them, it fell through, but I'd downloaded a lot of songs by them, because I wanted hear and know the songs before I went to the show.  I never actually listened to the songs, until of course one night at work and now I feel like I have a consolation prize.  I'll wait for Jerm to hear them before I classify them as total emo, but that's what they make me think of.  Anyway, here's the mp3 of the day.
When I'm Awake - Magna-Fi
My mood?

I can't sleep!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

There are days when seclusion is not only the best option but the only option.  Days when the only time speech is uttered is in hopes of completely changing the entire day into one in which seclusion is not the only option.  This was such a day.  A day, which to be savored properly, would languidly wallow in its uselessness, and finally end with a tumultuous night.  The air was as peaceful as wrathful vengeance, and the grass stood diagonal as it let its master direct and guide it in the path it should tread.  The soil was no longer bound by its chains, and it had risen up to fill the sky, to fight and struggle in an effort to reach other worlds and planet, to colonize that which did not belong to it.  Its struggle ended sooner than it cared to admit, and until the next liberating gust, the soil plotted a way to overpower and leave the very thing which gave birth to it.  As the sun shone down relentlessly on all in its path, the wind continued to give chase to its predecessors, each one stronger and more vivid than the one before it.  As the sun continued it journey across the sky, a dot on the horizon appeared.  At first glance, it appeared to be just another mass of dried, shriveled weeds and soil, hitching a ride from the constantly moving wind.  As the dot became more and more manifest, it became plain to see that this was not the case, but that this was a man.  The years had began to creep up on the man, who now was at least in his sixties, his wooly undergrowth slowly yielding way to cotton.  His clothing was dusty and threadbare, with patches in on his pants where the knees would bend day after day, and night after night.  Working and praying were his only pasttimes, and he did with the ease of an old coat, which had been stretched and worn into eager submission.  A satchel was slung almost haphazardly over his shoulder, and it bounced up and down in rhythm with the gait of his owner.  Another pouch was strapped to his belt, and his feet were bare.  As the wind whipped at the soil around his feet, and raised it into his face and eyes, the old man raised his hand to his face and covered his nose and eyes.  Yet, try as the soil might to invade this new space, the old man continued to tread upon it in complete mastery.  The steps he took were sure and confident, occasionally doubtful as his eye caught the site of potential obstacles.  As he continued his walk, the wind picked up, as if disgusted by his defiantly continuing despite its efforts to suppress him as it did the grass.  With his shoulders upright, and his head erect, the man continued to fight his way towards the other horizon.  As he passed, one could see the scars running down his neck, around his eyes and head, and even on his arms.  Each scar was a story waiting to be told, and each story was only a few urns of beer away, or even just a  mug half full of moonshine away.  As the man continued to the next horizon, the wind died down, as if to signal defeat.  The shape of the man grew more and more indistinct, and finally, he was just a dot on the horizon again.
Today's mp3, served cold, hot or however you want it:
Flower - Eels
My mood?

Don't you think that I see/What its all about?/Hard to look the other way, while the world passes me by/And everyone is trying to bum me out

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Reality T.V. isn't really reality. I know I know, you've heard this entire argument before, but seriously, reality TV isn't very real. When's the last time you've seen seven people move into one house together and not all work a job? Of course, in saying that reality TV is no good, I'm also somehow saying that there is good television out there. Wrong. Television in general, is the worse bilk ever invented. I don't know what the initial purpose behind putting togther those transistors and electron tubes was, but in all honesty, I think the inventor of the television would be sickened if he saw the application today. His invention is used to convey the thoughts and ideas of about ten men into the minds of millions of people, really into the mind of the world. A method of complete propaganda and mass control. And yet, we tune in each week to find out what will happen, when we know that nothing will happen that will be of any value to us. Those of you who watch shows on a regular basis, like 24, Alias, or maybe even ER, you should know that its all just 20 minutes of melodrama so that you'll watch the 10 minutes of advertising. Watch that advertising, and while you might not remember what happened on your show in about three weeks, you will have exposed yourself to enough advertising that when you go to the store, or when its time to get a new car, you'll start having slogans fly through your brain, instructing you what to buy, how to spend the money that you worked so hard for, and even WHERE you should spend it. And if you've not noticed, I'm not exactly down with that. Of course, there are people who would call me weird, not only call me weird, but label me as paranoid, overreacting, or even as just being a recluse, because I don't want to watch television till my brain falls out. Oh well. Its never bothered me to be called weird before, and I don't think it'll start bothering me now.

Anyway, here's the music of the day, I post this because it makes me want to pull out my laser watch and dance. Yes, that is quite pathetic. But I'll do it anyway. Here's the incredible mp3 of the day. By the by, best quote in the song:
James Bond: Do you expect me to talk?
Villian: No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!
James Bond Theme Remix - Moby

My mood?

I could be a secret agent. . .

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

So last night I was watching Sixteen Candles on AMC. First, that movie is the worst example of teen life I've ever see in my life, secondly, the movie was really really poorly acted by everyone who appeared in it, and whoever casted the 30 year old teen actors are officially the most out of touch people who've ever lived. That being said, I didn't finish watching the movie because it was pretty crappy, but what I did see was the part where the main character played by Molly Ringwald (which sounds like a bad disease really) is talking about how much she likes Jake Ryan. And I remember thinking to myself, what's so great about him, other than the macho man. And he was with some blonde girl who obviously thought him to be the most incredible piece of human flesh in the room, and he's got NO personality. He's really just a male model in a plaid 80's shirt. So I'm thinking, what exactly makes him such the catch? Obviously its physical, and barring the fact he looked old enough to be the father of a at least a 10 year old, women found him attractive. What was it? Why is he such an attractive person? What makes an attractive person anyway, male or female. Some arguments are that mathematically we are drawn to certain types of people. For instance, I read this article that talked about ratios. For instance the ratio for deviation in width between Marilyn Monroe's waist and hips was about 15%. She was considered to be beautiful. The majority of the women considered to be beautiful by todays standards, while not the same size as Marilyn Monroe (she was a healthy gal who didn't skip meals) have that same ratio within 15% to 20%. So is that what defines beauty? And really this doesn't apply to men. Not that it matters, because the standard of beauty for men is changing very quickly. It used to be that men were supposed to be manly, kind of slovenly, and very brooding and quiet. That used to be the thing. Now guys are supposed to be clean, neat, thin, and somewhat talkative, while not really expressive about emotions, at least be funny. What next? Should I have to talk? Lord forbid that. Okay that was a bit sarcastic, but that's kind of my point. The fluctuating values of our society make it difficult to conform. For all the people who do, I always wonder who much time they spend assimilating themselves to the culture. It can't easy to do. I also read another article that said basically symmetry is the definition of beauty. Which makes sense somewhat. Either way, I've now grown bored with this subject, so I leave you with the opportunity to delve into one of Lewis Carroll's classics more deeply than you may have wanted to. Let me know what you are!

Chesire Cat

So what song do I have for you today, my pretties? Well, lets just say, its time you expanded your minds a bit, got a little funk in your ears coming out your speakers and into the brain. That's right. Soulful funk. Funky soul. Call it what you will, but you will enjoy it. Why? Because I command it. Anyway, here's the potentially good goodness.
Give Me The Night - George Benson

My mood?

There's no way I'm a Cheshire cat. . .

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

So. Today. Yes, it is today. I've actually got nothing to say for today. I'm kinda tired, and honestly, that's just the way things go for me. My car's still in the shop for those of you wanting to know about that, and for those who don't, I'm sorry I wasted so much of your time. Anyway, I guess the real thing to keep in mind here, is that there's nothing better than a well scheduled week. Of course, I wouldn't know, since my week isn't even remotely scheduled, let alone well. Enough random babbling, here's the song for the day. Or should I say. . .songs for the day? I should since there are two. Rejoice.

The first is from the Blade 2 soundtrack. Horrid movie, awesome song. Its from the trip-hoppers Massive Attack, in a collabo with Mos Def, who if you ask me, is 1/2 of the greatest pairing in rap right now. Either way, the song's a good song. The other song is by the Beastie Boys, one that was inspired by the conversation we had about drinking after the book study. Apparently, there are quite a few fans of Brass Monkey. It is a funky monkey. Enjoy.

I Against I - Mos Def & Massive Attack

Brass Monkey - Beastie Boys

My mood?

Recycling is our friend. . .

Sunday, July 11, 2004

She was everything I'd ever dreamed,
a flame that seemed,
destined to burn forever,
whether, or not she said never,
make my worldplay clever.
Like can I introduce you,
induce you and seduce you,
with my lyrical praise, for days,
of your feminine ways.
Everytime you smile, you light up the room,
make my heart go boom,
like subwoofers camping 200 watts of surround sound,
and when I feel the pound,
of the conga drums when you walk,
I drool when you talk,
about thermonuclear devices.
You could tempt the righteous,
but you chose to tempt me?
I used to be so empty,
now i'm full with the feeling,
of how we were chilling,
I'm not dealing,
with this thought,
you're so homemade and never store bought.
or packaged shipped for entertainment.
You could be edutainment,
because I learn more about me,
everytime I'm with thee,
thou those thy,
I don't care about why,
whenever you walk by,
you make a me wipe a tear from my eye.
Poured into those jeans,
with half a can of Crisco if you know what I mean.
I could go on, but I gotta stay clean.
My imagination,
fueled by infuation,
crashes like the economy during a stagflation.
Your situation,
is constantly me hating,
with a side of never forgive.
Enough to make me want to live,
because at least you know i exist.
Don't get sympathetic,
I'm pathetic,
and being with you would be bad for my credit.
And though this needs a slight edit,
I roll back, close my eyes and try to forget it.
Bat the dawn of another day,
she simply will no go away.
She's not going away.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Friday. The day of Fri. I encourage all to enjoy a fried chicken meal from Popeye's. Be sure to give them my name as a reference. Because I like getting free stuff. Huh? Exactly. Anyway, since this is Friday, and I promise not to think deep thoughts, I'll leave the deep thoughts up to my guest for mp3's, Jon. Here he is.

Thanks Javester. On the very first CD I ever bought - Blur's The Great Escape - shortly after inheriting my first CD player, was this song, The Universal. It spoke to me. It said something along the lines of, "Hey what's up, this is music. You should listen to more of it, poser." Beautiful in simplicity and awesonimity, this song is so amazing it has never once gotten old to me over the past 7 years of my knowing if its existence and if anything it has only grown more potent and powerful. Because of me loving this song, I came to love the rest of this album, and then my love for this album expanded to include every other Blur album, and then I begin searching for more bands and eventually I had developed actual musical tastes. I saw Blur live twice last year, and to my utter joy, they played this song at the second show I attended. It was an awesome night because I had wanted to see them for years and years but never could because they began staying away from the USA tour-wise. Not only that, but Graham Coxen, Blur's (former) guitarist, was the single player that influenced me to start playing guitar myself. All this stemming from this one song. Rule.

Nice Jon. Here's the mp3.
The Universal - Blur

Thanks for the visit. Leave your comments below. I have no idea what the trackback is all about though. . .oh well.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

So here I am. 22 years old. This day, 22 years ago, after three days of trying, I finally entered this world through somewhat unconventional means. A blank slate waiting to be told what to do, what to think, and what to believe, only to truly have life become one large lesson which has not yet made sense to me. Fortunately, the year between 21 and 22 was one of learning as well, because if I didn't learn, I'd probably be dead. What have I learned? Don't judge a book by its cover? Nah, that's pretty obvious. I've learned that my penchant to be blatantly honest, to always speak exactly what you think is dangerous, if not downright bad. I'm not saying lying is what I'm all about now, but I am saying is silence is golden. A golden golden thing. Sometimes being quiet is better than whatever you could think of to say, but then again, being quiet can often times be a downfall. What else did I learn? Well, not much more, but I did learn to trust my gut feelings. Sometimes, when you think something, and you see something, but then you try to deny that something, well that something is often right, and you've just set yourself up for a lot of denial and anger. I've also learned that being yourself is always the best way to make good friends. Changing between friends, trying to be everything to everyone just to be liked only results in you forgetting who you are. However generic that sounds, that's what I learned. There are a lot of things that I learned, but then again, here I am, and next year this time, I'll be typing out even more that I've learned. That's the interesting thing about life, to me at least, the more you live the more that you have to learn. There is no getting out of learning something, however much you may not want to. Ah well, enough of this boring spiel.

Here's the song of the day, week, moment, whatever. This is the song that made me start listening to rock. No lie. I used to listen to nothing but hip-hop, rap, and all that, and honestly, I got to a point in my life, when I realized that this was unhealthy. What else could there possibly be though? I mean what else could I listen to? I was watching MTV one day, when this really cool video came on. I kinda liked the video, but wasn't too fond of the song. The video was really funny though, so I watched it over and over again, and pretty soon I was singing the song along with the rest of the video, and now, well, now the rest is history. I love rock, in many, if not all, of its forms. Thanks Foo Fighters. That's right, the Foo Fighters. Here's the song:
Everlong - Foo Fighters

My mood?

Thinking. . .wishing. . .hoping. . .but never realizing. . .

Thursday, July 01, 2004

You've left and now I have to live with myself,
And I'll never feel like this about anyone else.
I've got so many thing to regret,
that I wish I could just drink and forget.
I feel so ashamed about my mistakes when I sit back to count em,
so many regrets it take more than just alcohol to drown em.
I'd have to put holes in my chest,
and forget my problems by stopping my breath.
Either way I'm still sitting here digging this grave,
for the one thing in my life I wish to God I could save.
I took you for granted, I treated you just like a slave,
I don't know how you took it so long, I would've quit in two days.
By the time I realized, I guess it was too late,
That night when you said it was over, I just hoped and I prayed,
that my blindness wasn't a result of my ways.
You see I felt like this once and she ripped out my heart.
I'm not trying to justify but right from the start,
you were so perfect I'd wish and hope it'd die,
so whenever things were smooth I wouldn't even try.
But now at night I dream about us and I cry,
I may put on a front when you see me around all our friends,
because I gotta keep up the appearance that I'm a man.
But I'm not, I just a boy who's lost his whole world,
a hope that he tied up in this girl,
She was perfect in so many ways he just couldn't see,
that when I disrespected you, I was disrespecting me.
But now its over, this is seen all over my shoulder,
and it looks like this thing is getting colder and colder.
Its all my fault and I know as I get older,
the mistakes I make are are no good if I don't learn,
to seek wisdom from my follies and start to discern.
I made my mistakes and now I move on,
I guess its really a new twist on an old song.