Thursday, March 30, 2006

When the, Windmill father lands/Love forever hand in hand/Take it all in on your stride/It is sticking, falling down/Love forever love is free/Let’s turn forever you and me/When the windmill farther lands/Everybody's in

It was a good day. And it usually is when you pull out of a bit of down time. Amazing how much brighter the sun looks and how good life feels when you're in a good mood. Amazing!

You never really know what's going to happen. I heard em say/Nothing promised tomorrow ever comes today. Sometimes we lose sight that. We have no promises, no sure thing in this world in which we live. Our greatest freedom is also often our greatest restriction. Yes we can choose what we do with our lives, but we also have to take a good deal of what happens to us as time and unforeseen occurence. That's why I think its vital for each of us to be the best friend, relative, person possible. What if that person you're angry with, or ignoring while wallowing in self pity, suddenly passes away, grows ill, or simply takes offense to the fact that you're missing? Now you've taken one of the very things that makes this life liveable, and by taking it for granted, you've thrown it away. Its sad that a lot of people do that. Many feel that if they get money by working two jobs, or stockpile what they get that they've accomplished something, when in actuality, having things, money, possessions rewards you only with ownership. You have a house, that's great. That's all you get for having it. Nothing special. You have a place to stay, which is good, but I'm sure you had one to stay before. You have stability now? Is there any real stability in this world? No. A house fire, a tornado, a flood, and you'll be right back to not having a house. You have a close relationship with a friend, or a relative? No matter what happens, you'll always have that. Its reward is more than just ownership. Its a lifetime of fulfillment.
Its a vivrant thing/Vivrant thing/Look at you, look at me/Look at you looking at me

Friday, March 17, 2006

She's ice and I don't mean diamonds/she's nice and the smile is blinding/but anything you're selling she's not buying

People. I just came back from running. I'm out of shape. I've got to do way more of that.

Way more of everything

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

We love that Chronic(WHAT?!!)les of Narnia!!
The nights I've gone slowly crazy/I've lost my lady/my mind filled with maybe/I was too lazy/its got to be me/it couldn't be/anything about the way she/tried to label me/confine me to someone else/now I'm on the shelf/I'm not myself/but who is in the dark/its falling apart/where to start/where to end/are we all in/my lonely friend/has stopped beating/I've stopped bleeding/its healing/I'm dealing/smiling for show/not really okay for sure/but who knows?/it shows/in my heart and soul/less smile/that I'm in denial/sure I need you/shouldn't have deceived you/never believed you/would truly care/try to be there/so neither did I/if I didn't lie/you'd see me/the real me/and leave/it happened/no clapping/no applause/a grown man lost/crying in applesauce/like a child/its wild/just how foul/this game is/I don't know what the game is/what I will claim is/we aren't lion tamers/I can't make you/you can't make me/you did fake you/I did fake me/and we didn't meet in the middle.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Come down now, they'll say/But everything looks perfect from far away/Come down now, but we'll stay

The closer you get to anything, the easier it is to discern the flaws in that thing. So imagine how perfect you must seem to those who don't know you. Think about how perfect the world must seem to those who've not rolled in its mired depths, and how wonderful everything must seem to those who are uneducated in the very things they find wonderful. That's why so many people dislike themselves, since they wake up every day with themselves, they spend each day with and in themselves, and then they finally fall asleep with themselves. If only they could avoid themselves for one day, to appreciate themselves, to grow a fondness for themselves, then and only then might they see in themselves, what everyone else who's separate from them sees.

Wishful thinking? Of course. Maybe not even wishful thinking, since wishes have been known to come true. Not that we should believe in candle or dandelion blowing, or anything of that nature for those wishes are fake phony and otherwise fraudulent. But if what we wish is what its not, the only way for it not to be what it is would be to make it into that which we wish. Which is even more fraudulent than the belief that wishes will come true on their own.

And they shall forever more be lost in the sea of their own choosing/not quite drowing, not quite swimming/not quite winning, not quite losing

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Life in the MC (that's right, Madison County)

Life's hard. You have to live it. There's no alternative. Its like being in a roller coaster cart and you can see that up ahead the tracks are lined with spikes, land mines, and pitfalls, but you have just hold on and scream like the rest of us.

But I'm done complaining about it. Its fun. And when its not, then its just a reminder that life isn't all fun. That's all I'll say about that.

I'm going back to Cali

People I need to call:
My grandfather

I'll have to be sure to get on that as soon as possible. And no, that list isn't in any particular order. Its not prioritized at all. But I do need to get at that.

Bread cheese milk eggs paper towels egg nog plastic army men
I'm not foolish

FIRE! Your element is can be really

hard-headed sometimes but you do what you

believe is right for you... Life seems like a

struggle but you wouldn't let that get in

your way to get what you want and to have

your future. The element of fire can be warm

and bring light but it can also kill and

cause massive chao's.

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