Thursday, March 20, 2008

One love, you're lucky to have one love, it sounds bugged, drinking wine from the same jug, one heart, one mind one soul

As I get older, I believe more and more that there are certain people that you connect with. Rather it be some rare combination of personality traits that sync up well with yours, or if its because of some physiological hard wired experiences in your brain that you share, I feel like there are just some people that you always will be connected to. Not in the mystical sense, because that, my friends, is bologna, but in the sense that you what you look for, what makes you smile, what makes you feel a sense of loyalty, in short, what you want other human beings to be, may be, and indeed can be, encased in others. Some people will say that certain people are special, maybe they just sell your particular brand of charismatic, either way you want to explain it, it happens. And when it happens, it would almost be foolish to walk away from that connection. Because in life, we are all in a dark void, reaching out for something, for someone who will make us feel as if we are important, or as if we belong. We all want someone who feels how we do, who agrees with us, or who just understands where we're coming from. Finding that person is an uphill battle, finding someone who really cares rarely happens, and when we find even one such person, we should never forsake them, or take them for granted. Rare is the person deserving of such loyalty, and if we can find even one person who deserves to be treated as such, maybe just maybe, we can find happiness in ourselves. Loyalty is hard to define, so is friendship, and love is a word we may never truly understand in our imperfect capacities. But that surely doesn't mean that we shouldn't try.