Monday, October 13, 2014

People Suck

People suck royally. I came out of blogging hiatus to just say that. People suck. What? You want more? Sure. Let's do that.

Let's start with the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri. Police kill a young boy. Everyone in town gets upset and decides to protest. Which makes sense really. I mean I wanted to protest. But the protests then turned into rioting and looting. Which doesn't makes sense. Well, it does. Looters tend to want free stuff, and I mean, really, who doesn't want free stuff? I'm sure even Warren Buffet gets down on the continental breakfast sometimes. 

But now, any momentum to change the system is gone because one person wanted free stuff. Or maybe it was a group. No change was enacted. Another black youth gets gunned down in the same town. See what all that rioting did?

I know what you're thinking. It sounds like I'm saying protest is pointless. Nope. that's dumb. That's real dumb. You should protest. But rioting isn't really protest. It's pretty much just venting of anger. To say rioting is a viable means of protest is tantamount to saying that soccer games are viable political forums, and the loss of a soccer match is as moving a tragedy as the death of a young man.

What I am saying is people suck. The same people who don't change the paper on the printer at work are the same people who start rioting, with little to no knowledge about what they've joined. We all know these people. They don't care. They don't care that that they've ruined what started as a peaceful protest. They threw some stuff. They were there. They posted on the Internet about it, and they turned up. They showed the establishment. For all of two days, they were fury incarnate. But they weren't enacting change. Just proving that they and all their ilk deserve the bullets they get.

People are short-sighted, impatient, and worst of all selfish. We only want what helps us. The few times we actually do things to help other people, we do it selfishly. None of us would take a homeless person in and help him get back on his feet, but we would all give him two dollars, as "long as he doesn't use it on alcohol". What else is he going to use two dollars on? Gum? Honey buns? That two dollars isn't going to turn his life around. We give that two dollars so we can keep walking by and feel good about ourselves because we're that level of selfish and that level of pious, myself included.

One way to determine someone's mentality is to ask if they could fix one thing, what would they fix. The problem with that question is it implies no effort or giving on our parts. We can change the world. We don't need a genie or a magic lamp. We need to put our noses to the grindstone. We need to think about more than ourselves. We need to put forth an effort to think about more than our own lives and problems. But most of us don't. Know why? It's simple. It's because most of us suck.

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