Tuesday, June 15, 2004

And yet another late post. Last night was spent at the Brown's house, a family that i must personally admit enjoy a good joke more than even myself. They will stop at nothing to pull the perfect prank or the tell the perfect joke. A night of jocularity indeed. Who would've guessed so many people would laugh about someone else having back hair? There was also spades playing and chili cheese dip eating to top off the night, and of course, I didn't get home till 3. It was all for a good cause since Sky's computer was on the operating table, getting a much needed attitude adjustment. Though in all actuality, that'd mean it'd be on more of a couch. Anyway, there was a fun involved for everyone, except for Mitch, he had to sleep.

Last night, as I was trying to go to sleep, I started thinking about the theory I had once (I had a theory, but Jerm completely trashed this one too) about all songs being about what one had, what one has lost, or just about what one has gained and the party that inevitably followed that gain. In my previously held opinion some of the best songs are those that highlight an emotion and then stick with it. Of course, I've been severely enlightened by listening to some indie rock, and really to some alternative period, where abstraction is the name of the game. But every so often, an independent artist will completely forsake his abstract lyrical roots and just come and say what needs to be said. Sometimes that thing to be said is engulfed in metaphors, but then again, that's what makes for the best songs. Its truly rare that this makes anything near a good album or song. But when the likes of Ben Gibbard from Death Cab For Cutie aggressive write the lyrics, its sure to be good. For those of you unaware of who Death Cab For Cutie is, well its only one song a day, but I'll be sure to put some of their better stuff up. And then there's Jimmy Tamberello from Dntell and Figurine. I wasn't aware of these two groups until I heard this album and then I went out to find as much as I could by them. Which album am I talking about? Give Up by those two blended together as the Postal Service. With a bit of help from a few friends (Jen Wood and Jenny Lewis on background vocals) they've compiled quite the album. This song from the album is Nothing Better, which I've heard praised and completely ripped apart. The funniest review I've heard said it could be a duet with JLo called Nuttin' Betta and it would still be the same cheesy pop drivel, with its straightforward lyrics and simplistic metaphors. I've also heard it called clever pop, done without the heavy handed lyricism so common to most independent rock. I'll let you draw your own conclusion. Here it is, Nothing Better by the Postal Service.

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That'd be awesome reality TV. . .

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