Monday, May 09, 2005

To believe what everyone says, would be to believe everything I disagree with. . .
Break the wrist, then walk away, break the wrist then walk away.

If you had superpowers, would you use them in a way that could benefit people? The first answer may be yes, but think about it. . .saving people takes a lot of time and energy. And as was proven by the Incredibles movie, just because you save someone's life doesn't mean they want to be saved. They may actually want to plummet to a painful and or fiery death.

But think about it, most of us, if we had super powers would simply use them as a release. You know, you're really having a bad day, so you toss a Volkswagen a whole half block. Now, your day doesn't seem so bad right? Or even better, you don't want to be at work, so you turn invisible and sneak out. Or you want to go to the Cayman Islands, but it'd be too expensive to fly there. Not anymore, you think as you grab your suitcases and begin flying at subsonic speeds to your destination.

Its really kind of a given that super powers would only be another form of release of enjoyment for ourselves, simply because that's what we do now actually with our normal not so super powers. I'm tall, I can jump high, so I play a sport and get paid. I don't go around bursting into buildings and reaching things on high shelves for little old ladies who can't afford step ladders. Or hey look, I'm amazingly beautiful, I'll help market products which are potentially carcinogenic, because that's what pays. I won't use my influential power to save the world or to at least convince some fat dumb guys not to kill their kittens.

That's just the way things work. Remember that.


Anonymous said...

ok i don't have in "normal not so super powers". not everybody can be tall or amazing beautiful like you javann

i guess i can bring people laughter when they see how funny my migit thumbs are ;) hehe they really are hilarious. i can't even eat with chop sticks because of 'em...


Anonymous said...

why doesn't my comment show up? cause i post anonymous??


Javann said...

Um, I think you just called me beautiful. . .I'm going to chalk that up to sarcasm. Also, Kat, if you choose other, then enter your name, it'll show up as "Your Name Here".

Kathryn said...

ahhh, i make simple things so difficult!