Thursday, June 23, 2005

Well, good news everybody. I'm back. I'm alive and well, just really busy. Well, less busy and more unconcerned about blogging faithfully. But not to fear, my blogging is still going on, just had a bit of a dead spot for two and a half weeks. Also, I don't have a desire to finish my story. You see, I was hoping to touch on a lot of different things that people care about and have the character destroy those things, all culminating to him being chased by the police as he breaks into a nursing home to assault his grandmother. Don't worry, she survives, but because she calls him crazy, and he realizes that he is insane, and that caring is just that. Sanity. And the story ends. But honestly, that sounds really sucky even to me, so I decided to let it die there. Also, I am very cool. Just thought I'd throw that in. But yeah, I'm okay, and I'm doing well. Expect a good thought tomorrow. Deep and introspective it will be.

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kat said...

good to know you are alive, well, and sane :)