Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It been a while/since I heard this song/and its been awhile/but its not been too long

So I've not posted in a few weeks. If I neglect my blog, its generally because I don't feel like updating it. Not because I've got no thoughts. Its a new month, and its actually pretty nice outside, but that's neither here nor there. What is here and there is the fact that I've got me proper thoughts back in me head right?

So here's what I was thinking over the past few days:

At work a guy comes up to me and tells me he saw me at the mall (parkway place) working one Saturday. His kids are with him, and they say, "Wow Daddy, he's huge, you know him?" You know how little kids can be, right? So he tells them, "Aww, he's just a huge teddy bear." Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa whoa. A huge teddy bear? Do you know how much I hate being called a teddy bear? If I were a violent man, we'd have been tussling right there, but I just kinda laughed, albeit awkwardly, and said yeah, I guess I am. Seriously though, who tells someone to their face that they're just a teddy bear? Not to mention I'm not a teddy bear. I'm mean. I hate children. And kittens. Anything I'm not supposed to hate really. Like Della Reese. Hate her.Remember that show Touched By An Angel? Hated it. Besides, even if I were a teddy bear, is it really that obvious? So obvious you present it to your kids as fact, and then tell me so to my face? That's just depressing.

The candiru. Its a depressing little fish with a huge reputation. Its the main reason for never swimming in the Amazon. Its also a pretty convincing argument for creation. There's no way something would evolve that could do that.

Yes, yes, yes, I am currently a bit dark. I work in the sun people. Eventually, all that exposure was bound to turn my skin darker. Did you think because I'm black, that I couldn't possibly get any darker? For all you kids out there wanting tans, I know its not fair, but it took over four hundred years for this skin color thing to be even considered an advantage. I think that balances things out.

Katherine is a type A personality. Interestingly enough, no one else took the quiz. Why is that interesting? No reason really, I just wanted to point out that you people are total losers. Maybe not total losers. Wouldn't want to scare off the few remaining consumers eh? Except for Kat. Thanks for taking my quiz.

C E flat A flat G A E G

That's been on my mind too.

Colt, you moved? Where? More importantly, who's going to help me get a discount on a bass guitar now? Who? Seriously. Who can help me get a discount on a bass guitar? Or at least a get a bass at a fair price.

I don't want to get caught with me pants down on the price. -Turkish


Kristin Allyson said...

Hmm...being called a huge teddy bear doesn't seem all that bad.

Unless of course someone were to refer to me as one.

Now that would be depressing.

It's one thing for a guy to be referred to as a huge teddy bear, but another thing entirely for a girl to be considered one.

As far as the the candiru.


That's just...just...bad, wicked, evil.

And incredibly disturbing.

Colt/Paul said...

The candiru. Yeah. Sounds like a lovely creature, except for the whole settin' up shop in one's anus thing. I'm sure they're great at partys though.

Yes I have moved to Nashville. Did you know the country music scene here is pretty vibrant? Weird huh?

About the whole bass guitar thing. Why not drop that and take up the zither? Everyone loves a zitherist.