Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stuff you should know. Or not.

World cup finals:
Italy vs. France
(Italy is 13-5-3 all time versus France)
I might have that stat wrong. But I'm pretty sure about the thirteen. Saw it on World Cup Live.

Some people think love doesn't exist. I don't agree with those people. Those people are disillusioned cynics. Does it mean I don't like them? No, and I aim that last sentence at one person in particular. He knows who he is. I like him. I just don't agree with him. Is there anything wrong with being a disillusioned cynic? I don't think so. Let the masses bathe themselves

Basking in someone else's glow is tedious.

I still think the man who invented capris should be shot. Hideous.

Exfoliating is not feminine. Look at the way that word's spelled. Exfoliating. Its similar to exterminating. And we'll all agree that exterminating is very masculine. Maybe men should call it exterminating. Then we could admit we do it from time to time.

I hate shaving my face. I hate growing a beard. I wish there were some compromise that didn't involve a certain depilatory creme, which oddly enough is named after the martial nobility of the South Indian state Kerala.

That's right. I lost my nerve. Okay. It was a lapse. Or two. Or even three. The point is, I'm still Javann, and I know it'll probably happen again. Want to know what I'm talking about? Ask me. I'll probably tell you.

Heh. . .martial nobility.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes our presentation. Please be sure to remove all personal items and effects from the overhead bins. Otherwise, we will resale it for half the original value, quite simply because its pure profit for us. Thank you for flying Deep Thought Airlines.


Anonymous said...

unclaimed baggage, that reminds me i need a new suit

Itzjerm said...

and italy wins...

Jonathan said...

For the record, the concept of romantic love is more or less the biggest bunch of crap the world continues to cling to and believe in to give them hope. Idiots.