Friday, August 04, 2006

Its that Hansel. He's just so hot right now!

Its amazing how quickly something great can fall apart. I suppose you can only look back at what was, and remember it. Otherwise, what would be left?

If there were a way to take memories, and make them known to the entire world, to make everyone feel, see, and touch everything you remember about a particular event, what would you want everyone to see? What would be your defining moment? Think about it. As humans we are obssessed almost with capturing the "moment". Our cell phones have digital cameras in them, so we can whip them out and take pictures and then if we want, send them to other people. Imagine if you could immerse anyone you wanted to into your memories? I can't really think of a memory that defines me, maybe a set of events, but even then I can only narrow down my life into twenty major moments. And I gotta admit, those moments? Depressing. Like when I got suspended from school, and had to walk back home with my parents angry with me. Or when my house burned down. Or any of the times I got detention in school. My first car accident. My first day in public school. The kid who followed me home and hit me repeatedly with a math book. The kids who used to pick on me in school.

In relation to that, you know, its funny. When you're a grown man, and you see these same people who used to torment you, for a second, you revert back to the little boy you were. You forget who you are. But then you remember, I'm not afraid anymore. Then you get angry. Because you remember what it was like to be afraid, to feel helpless, and now, now you know that you're far from helpless, and that you haven't a reason to fear anyone anymore. Its an interesting feeling. And a good memory to have. Maybe even a defining one.


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