Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Javann's top ten most used phrases:

10) "Wow."
09) "Mother of oatmeal!"
08) "What the family market?"
07) "You know I am not happy about this."
06) "Beastly!"
05) "You're crazy! I like you, but you're, you're crazy!"
04) "Eew."
03) "I don't even know why I said that."
02) "I hope just fifty percent, but who knows?"
01) "Oh, just stop."

Two words that describe me well:
Rottweiler puppy.

What are yours?


mark said...

(10)Good good good.
(9)Mother of Mearl!!!
(8)You realize i am dumber for having heard you say that.
(7)Thats amazing.
(6)Come twice?
(5)Good grief!
(4)I'm not going to lie to you.
(3)Thats funny.

bookyeti said...


paul said...

10."What the?!"
9. "That's a shame." (said in a very Seinfeldian way)
8. "That's some next level stuff right there."
7. "Fantastic."
6. "See. Now that's...that's just uncalled for."
5. "Everything's everything."
4. "That was disgusting man. Nasty."(usually said after hearing a piece of music that is ridiculously soulful, mind blowingly melodic, or technically difficult.)
3. "Gimme a shout later on today."
2. "yeah. It's time to go."
1. "Wow." (not to be confused with Mark's previous "WOW!". This one is more laid back. Usually you'll hear me say this after seeing something extremely funny or stupid.)