Monday, August 20, 2007

Its been awhile. . .

Two years ago, I was here.
But I really didn't want to be here.
I wanted to be anywhere
See if you knew where here was,
if you knew you'd envy me,
hate me
want to be me,
but ultimately,
you'd be glad you weren't here.
Potentially trapped,
potential that remains untapped,
its actually unsettling,
not that I'm settling
but I'm not settled,
I'm not well, not worth my "mettle"
I can't even make my thoughts rhyme,
let alone just nod my head on time,
to a beat that everyone else hears,
its like being a guest star on Cheers,
my worthy peers,
know what they hold dear,
they live they laugh,
and to me I guess its clear,
the hunger I held,
the hunger I still hold,
will always be young,
even when I grow old.

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