Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You're so beautiful i'm so clueless, you're so perfect I'm such a loser, I'm one of your notches, bowing to my love goddess, Aphrodite, Athena, Halle, I bend at the knees like Jon Salley, I'm sculpted artwork for your gallery, nude chubby teddy bear at attention, you're an ascension to another dimension, I'm just your discension, maybe an honorable mention, I don't care who cares or who doesn't, or what was or even wasn't, deny me be ashamed, take the credit, give me the blame, on my hands and knees, begging to be decieved, lied to, tried to, I tried to retain my composure, but this exposure, my dignity stripped, my manhood's ripped, take me by the hand to the slaughter, me someone's son you someone's daughter, I hurt for your pleasure, I bleed only for you to measure, my soul pours at your feet, I can't be discreet, I want the world to know, berate me for show, assert your dominance, destroy my prominence, obliterate my common sense. . .

First Draft,

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