Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And we'll all float on, we'll all float on, alright.

Good morning. . .night. . .day. . .whatever it is to everyone. After a three to four month long hiatus, guess who's back? Well obviously, its me, because if it were someone slse, it wouldn't be my blog now would it? So maybe you'd like an update on what's new with me?

I'm back in school! Yes, its true, I am back, and this time around, not slacking off completely, or failing, or losing my mind. I'm also that much closer to being an alumni and not just a constant student. The ensuing celebration will be a) epic and b) at least a week long.

I can't say that I have any really deep thoughts, because its near the end of the semester and I'm actually a little burned out. Actually, I'm more than a little burned out, I'm full blown shot, but I just happened to look at my blog, and felt so pathetic for neglecting my first love (writing) that I figured I'd type out a post for old times sake. Not to worry, I'm going to start trying to at least slowly working my way back to my normal several times a week, but its going to take some time. And structure hopefully will come back with that as well.

Random thought: I fell asleep the other day and had a dream set to The Middle by Jimmy Eat World. It was so weirdly music video. And I danced. I think its because the other night I was doing the "college girl" to that song at a friends house (we were playing Guitar Hero) If you've never seen my "college girl dance" next time you see me, ask me to do it. Its hilarious. If I ever figure out how to video tape myself without a tripod, I'll throw it up on. . .actually no, no I won't. you just have to see it in person, because I don't think the world's ready for that.

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