Wednesday, December 15, 2010

April 06, 2005

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

You know how people talk about the glass being half full or half empty? I personally don't agree with that particular illustration of pessimism and optimism, but it does help us to understand that there is more than just one way to view things. For instance, if I'm a waiter, that glass of water signifies more than just water and air. That's the walk I'll have to take to get the pitcher of water to fill it up some more. Maybe I'm an athlete who's just finished working out. That's a glass that I'll want to drink. Maybe I'm a basketball player holding the glass on the bench. That glass signifies either my remaining rest from a hard night's work, or something for me stare at in shame as some younger guy takes my job from me. Hey, different strokes for different folks.

The same thing can be said of just everyday life in general. Some people swear that nothing ever goes their way. And honestly, I can relate. Life is full of small events that add up to larger events, and while a large event may go well, a handful of small events going bad can ruin an entire day. All of us have had what we'd call, not-one-of-our-days. Days when nothing's going your way. I know I've had those days. I've had those weeks, and maybe even those months. But its really all in how you look at it. Sure some things really are bad, but you know what? Most things can be looked at positively. So you spilled your soda on yourself? So what, it'll dry, you can wash it out, and being embarrassed about it only needs to last a minute afterwards. Car accident? That's why you spend all your money on car insurance. If you're alive enough to worry about it afterwards, and if you're not hurt congrats. You just won a new (to you) car. Granted, you've paid for it with your own money, but take the check and go find a car you like. Get fired from your job? Yes, but chances are either A)you deserved to get fired, in which case, you now have time to really introspectively think about that, or B)the job was unfair, and even then why would you want to work at a place that unfair anyway? Got laid off? Make a resume, turn it in, and use the extra time between jobs wisely.

My point is, sure life is hard. There's a lot of harsh realities that we have to face everyday. So why sweat the small stuff? Sure I had to clean pink lemonade outta my car today, but at least I got it clean. And yeah, I paid two bucks for Gatorade at Samuel Walden's Market, that the cashier never bagged or handed to me, even after I specifically ASKED her if she gave me everything. But so what? That's why I work, so when money goes away, I earn it back. In the long run, I'll still get my gatorade, I'll just have to pay more for it. Its all in the outlook. I'm not saying see the world through rose coloured glasses, and that there's nothing bad at all in the world. Oh, no, things like death, poverty, terminal illness, and immorality are indeed bad. And being robbed isn't fun, but if you live through it, they didn't take what mattered. And that's your life.


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