Monday, March 28, 2005

As I'm fond of saying, its Mr. J dizzot! So, the blog is back, and of course, I'm sure you are overwhelmed with joyous feelings. Also, thank goodness, the comments work. That previous post about me and Haloscan singing kumbayaa in a rekindled relationship. . .yeah, just ignore that.

So, what's happened in the downtime? Well, I'm leaving town ladies and gents. Not forever mind you, but I am leaving town, going to Brentwood, TN. Why you ask? Apparently defensive driving. Which, as all of you who have ridden in the car with me may already know, I totally don't need. Actually, the truth is, I drive pretty offensively at the moment. I'm a horrible driver and unfortunately my driving record belies that. But not to worry, I should be a better driver after this class.

That actually is the long and short of everything for me as far as what's new goes, other than that its very much the same around here. Well, other than the fact that the hulk pics kinda had to go. That's right, I had to lose my hulk pictures. The size of them really. So no more moods for Javann. . .I'll be sure to cry a river about that later. Anyway, that's it for the new and improved deep thoughts, feel free to leave a comment.


Itzjerm said...

You know there is this wonderful little appliction called image resizer...

and defensive driving.. ha the classes help? I think not... (btw i'm in search of new insurance since they say i'm not safe anymore... 1 ticket and 1 wreck in the last 3 years... touchy toucy)

Jonathan said...

I hate Brentwood... that's not saying much I guess.

Man, it's good to be home. I can't wait to sleep in my bed.