Wednesday, March 09, 2005

So, I'm always like, John Coltrane this, Jimi Hendrix that, blah blah old is better, old is better, blah blah. Well guess what? I'm still John Coltrane this, and Jimi Hendrix that. Old is better. I hate to be the bubble buster, but the old school guys didn't have all the tools if you will, that the new guys had. You see the key to being the "best", or even to be considered the best, is to be the first. For instance, who holds the patent for the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell. Who the cares who else has done things for the phone? Bell did it first. He was the innovative one, not people who came along and built on his work. Of course, this is, as usual, my own skewed logic, because technically nothing is new, Bell built his own invention on the discoveries of electrical conductivity through wires, as well as that of converting sound into electrical current and back again. Not to mention, fiberoptics, which has its greatest use in the field of communications, really doesn't build on any of that.

But I'm talking music, not science, and really, if we want to get down to it, music is an art and there's no way to really prove that one piece of art is better than another. So what am I talking about? I'm talking about John Coltrane. Here's a sample of one of his songs. You might like it, you might like to see it deleted, I'll leave that up to you to decide.

Mr. P.C. - John Coltrane

My mood?

Stop making me watch training videos!

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