Saturday, November 05, 2005

I won't do what you tell me/I won't do what you say!

That's right. Its Saturday. Oooohh ooooohh! Normally, I take the weekend off from posting on my blog, but this time, I took the week off. On the moon, our weekends have evolved beyond your weekends here on Earth. Now they are the entire week, and jobs have been phased out. And apparently, I'll be posting on the weekend. Actually just day, because, well, I don't wanna on Sunday.

Ever seen the opening montage to Bosom Buddies? You know that old show with Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari, where they had to dress in drag to get this apartment because they were broke, and then hilarity ensued? Or maybe not hilarity, more like one hugely popular star winning Oscars and a aplomb, and one unknown star who stayed unknown playing bit roles in stuff like, Honey I Shrunk the Kids: The TV series. Ouch! Way to insult the guy with a full time job!

That montage is cool. In a uniquely cheesy kind of way, of course. Of course. Ever wonder what your montage would be like? For instance, there's a shot of me bursting through a glass window, then another shot of me getting the subsequent stitches at the ER, all the time laughing and smiling. Or if I were on an action packed TV show, I'd burst through the glass window in a old school muscle car, guns and cigar blazing, (Because smoking is cool!) then it would cut away to me like running up in slow motion, or cut away to me roughing some random bad guy up, like slamming him up against the wall, or running one down. Then maybe a few shots of me in awkward situations, like waking up to a gun pointed at me. Then the I'm-too-cool-for-this-to-bring-me-down shot, or what some would call the I'm a well adjusted adult so when I'm not bringing in bad guys or solving crimes, I'm smiling and enjoying life shot.

Love is all around/why don't you take it/you can make it now/no need to fake it/you're going to make it after all!

And hat toss into the air.


Colt Seavers said...

You know what's crazier than randomly stumbling across your blog Javann. Stumbling across it when the latest entry includes a rant about Bosom Buddies and ends with a snippet of the Mary Tyler Moore theme song.

Javann said...

You know Colt, considering what you know about me, that shouldn't suprise you at all.