Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I'm on the phone right now trying to make reservations with the Marriott. They keep telling me to remain on the line. At this point, I'd be crazy to hang up.

Wow. Its definitely been a while. I'm sure all of you (all of three of you) have missed my charming wit, and my salacious guile. Oh wait.

So this girl comes to my door, wakes me up and then begins talking very fast to me. I think she was hoping to confuse me with speed and guile. Little did she know my brain is always fast and active. Actually, she was trying to sell me a book or a magazine so that she could go to college. Anytime I see someone selling magazines from door to door, I always wonder, why aren't you at home studying to get a scholarship? Good grades generally get you into a college with a scholarship. Will it be the one you want? Probably not. But selling books and/or magazines to get a $15,000 scholarship probably won't work either. I already am a proud subscriber to eight magazines and a not so proud subscriber to probably three more. That's a lot of paper. Not only is a lot of paper, its a lot of reading. And more importantly, I get all but two of those for free. That's right. Free. I don't pay for magazines. That would be a)stupid and b) an indication that I want to start paying for magazines. Erroneous on both counts. So now here I am dogging the girl out for being somewhat industrious. She also smelled like the stairway at the public library. You know where all the homeless people hang out and sleep?

I made my reservations. Yeah, that's how long it took me to post.

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kat said...

well, javann, now i know what you think of me. guess i will stop selling and start bathing ;o) haha j/k

you know, society is messed up. they think higher education can fix everything... and they will do anything to get it...
did you offer her magazines? haha