Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Adam was lonely.

Everyone gets lonely sometimes. Its not necessarily a state of solitude. ( did I spell that right?) I've been in a crowd full of people and been miserable. I've been in a conversations where I would swear I was the only one there. Oh sure, the other person was talking, but they definitely weren't where I was. I guess deep down inside, every human is singularly hoping to find someone they "connect" with. We all want someone we know cares, unconditionally, and no matter what we say or do, even if our actions or words are appalling, that connective being will always see us for the person we are inside, and not what we do.

Of course, I'm not wrong in saying that in most cases, that is a little too much to ask for. There is no special someone (human, of course) who will right all that is wrong, or that will resolve all the issues that pester us. To believe otherwise would be to live with a romanticized view of the world. A view which would only serve to dishearten us further.

Or perhaps that hope that somewhere out there, there's someone who's looking for you (in a strict non-horror movie kind of a way of course) and sincerely feels empty without you is just motivation for continuing the search. I suppose it all depends on whether or not your glass is half full or half empty. Personally, I like to say the glass is half empty, when I really think its half full.

I just realized this seems awfully convenient for this time of year. Whoops.

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