Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I lack ambition. I should be dictator of the world and instead I'm just sitting around playing video games and eating cheez-its with canned cheese topping. Do you know how pathetic that is? Not that I'm not ruler of the world, that's just coincidental, but I'm putting cheese spread on cheese flavored crackers. . .I need a change of pace

Work week's over for me. I'm sure you're thinking, "but Javann, its only Tuesday." That's right drones, I work three days a week. Correction, three nights a week. Thirty six hours crammed into a tiny rubbermaid week. Never done it? Avoid it. It sucks. I take that back, it doesn't suck. I mean, it pays bills (sorta) and its kinda nice to be off work (sorta) and I gotta admit it does pay bills (sorta). But it hurts. Imagine all the stuff you've seen in a Target. Everything you buy (with the exception of fresh produce and sushi, that stuff gets there some other way) comes in boxes. Boxes that I have to move. If your target is between Birmingham, Atlanta or Knoxville, chances are I have touched something you've bought. Which, I know, is a really disturbing thought. That having been said, my back is hurting and I'm starting to drift into a blank stare that indicates that I need sleep. So please feel free to call me master of the universe. Sometimes even I don't understand me. . .

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