Thursday, January 17, 2008

Last night I cut my hair. And by cut, I mean I really cut it. Its back to its natural buzzed form, which I've concluded after seeing myself with hair and without that I don't think I like. Its a conclusion based on what I've grown accustomed to seeing. Which means, I'm used to seeing myself with hair, so now I don't like seeing myself with hair. Either way, that apparently is how I get down. OR whatever. I'm trying to sound intelligent and cool and its coming off as dorky and stupid. Which is why kids, you should never try. I'm going to end this now since I don't really want to reveal how shallow I really am. I'm going to go stare at my hair in the mirror. See? I'm shallow.


bookyeti said...

I am tempted to give myself a buzz cut.

Javann said...

After you've had hair for a while, its probably one of the most tragic experiences known to man. You automatically begin thinking that it was a bad idea. The key is to lie to yourself and really hype yourself into believing that you look good that way. After the initial shock goes away (for me about two days) you realize its not a bad look and you can remember what it was like to have a lot of hair.