Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hello there. Are you the man of the house? Yes? Well then let me be the first to congratulate you! You're getting all new electronics! How is this possible? Because I'm taking your current models! Hands where I can see them, first person to move will be deeply missed by their respective loved ones.

So one of my favorite things to do is make playlists on my iPod. Not just any type of playlist, because that would be dull. These are themed playlists. Such as "In event of alien attack." Or "Thou Shalt Rock Olympus." Or my personal favorite, "Consistent Failure: The Sound Track of My Life". Eventually I'll upgrade my iTunes and I'll be able to share these mixes with the world, but until I get around to that, I'll just post my favorite one. Which happens to be the soundtrack of my life. This is the third (or fourth) iteration of said soundtrack, basically because I change it everytime my iPod crashes. Hold on a sec. . .apparently I'm now being sued by Apple. Whoops. That's right boys n girls, or boyz n da hood, whichever you prefer my iPod crashes regularly. Which is both sad and mundane at the same time. Hmmm. . .anyway, here's the stuff of dreams. No wait, that's the other playlist. Here's Consistent Failure.

Consistent Failure (The Soundtrack of My Life)

1. Good Luck ft. Lisa Kekaula - Basement Jaxx
2. Breed - Nirvana
3. Nookie - Limp Bizkit
4. Come Together - The Beatles
5. Marvo Ging - The Chemical Brothers
6. Better Off Without You - The Clarks
7. Crooked Teeth - Death Cab For Cutie
8. Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like That) - Diggable Planets
9. Flower - Eels
10. Leave Me Alone - Ellen Allien and Apparat
11. Hero - Enrique Iglesias
12. Brimful of Asha (Cornershop) - Fatboy Slim
13. Paralyzer - Finger Eleven
14. In The Mood - Glenn Miller
15. Just A Thought - Gnarls Barkley
16. Die All Right - Hives
17. Give It Up - LCD Soundsystem
18. Our House - Madness
19. Transmission - Meat Beat Manifesto
20. Parking Lot - Mineral
21. Close Edge - Mos Def
22. Wonderful Place - N.E.R.D.
23. Backstabbers - O'Jays
24. Humming - Portishead (which coincidentally is also on In case of alien attack)
25. Get It And Go - Razorlight
26. Tainted Love - Soft Cell (eh eh get away, I've got to eh eh run away)
27. Driving South - Stone Roses
28. A Slight Attack - The Tea Party
29. Cross Out The Eyes - Thursday
30. I'm A Rambling Man - Waylon Jennings
31. Do Me A Favour - Arctic Monkeys

Apparently this is a double disc soundtrack. . .wow. Is life really that long?


Aaron said...


Its Aaron C! It looks like I dont have the right number for you. If you still have mine call me!

Bratty127 said...

hi there, Javann. You don't know me. My name is Rachele, I'm a sister from California.

I had seen your profile on Yahoo, and you sounded interesting, so I read your blog. I was right....You are interesting. Not to mention, extremely amusing. I think so anyway...

Just wanted to say Hello, and hope this year is going better for you than last year. Did that Blink 182 song really sum up your year?? That's kinda sad...

By the way, I really liked your answer to the One Night stand question. Too funny =0)