Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The nights I've gone slowly crazy/I've lost my lady/my mind filled with maybe/I was too lazy/its got to be me/it couldn't be/anything about the way she/tried to label me/confine me to someone else/now I'm on the shelf/I'm not myself/but who is in the dark/its falling apart/where to start/where to end/are we all in/my lonely friend/has stopped beating/I've stopped bleeding/its healing/I'm dealing/smiling for show/not really okay for sure/but who knows?/it shows/in my heart and soul/less smile/that I'm in denial/sure I need you/shouldn't have deceived you/never believed you/would truly care/try to be there/so neither did I/if I didn't lie/you'd see me/the real me/and leave/it happened/no clapping/no applause/a grown man lost/crying in applesauce/like a child/its wild/just how foul/this game is/I don't know what the game is/what I will claim is/we aren't lion tamers/I can't make you/you can't make me/you did fake you/I did fake me/and we didn't meet in the middle.

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