Monday, March 13, 2006

Come down now, they'll say/But everything looks perfect from far away/Come down now, but we'll stay

The closer you get to anything, the easier it is to discern the flaws in that thing. So imagine how perfect you must seem to those who don't know you. Think about how perfect the world must seem to those who've not rolled in its mired depths, and how wonderful everything must seem to those who are uneducated in the very things they find wonderful. That's why so many people dislike themselves, since they wake up every day with themselves, they spend each day with and in themselves, and then they finally fall asleep with themselves. If only they could avoid themselves for one day, to appreciate themselves, to grow a fondness for themselves, then and only then might they see in themselves, what everyone else who's separate from them sees.

Wishful thinking? Of course. Maybe not even wishful thinking, since wishes have been known to come true. Not that we should believe in candle or dandelion blowing, or anything of that nature for those wishes are fake phony and otherwise fraudulent. But if what we wish is what its not, the only way for it not to be what it is would be to make it into that which we wish. Which is even more fraudulent than the belief that wishes will come true on their own.

And they shall forever more be lost in the sea of their own choosing/not quite drowing, not quite swimming/not quite winning, not quite losing

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