Thursday, March 30, 2006

When the, Windmill father lands/Love forever hand in hand/Take it all in on your stride/It is sticking, falling down/Love forever love is free/Let’s turn forever you and me/When the windmill farther lands/Everybody's in

It was a good day. And it usually is when you pull out of a bit of down time. Amazing how much brighter the sun looks and how good life feels when you're in a good mood. Amazing!

You never really know what's going to happen. I heard em say/Nothing promised tomorrow ever comes today. Sometimes we lose sight that. We have no promises, no sure thing in this world in which we live. Our greatest freedom is also often our greatest restriction. Yes we can choose what we do with our lives, but we also have to take a good deal of what happens to us as time and unforeseen occurence. That's why I think its vital for each of us to be the best friend, relative, person possible. What if that person you're angry with, or ignoring while wallowing in self pity, suddenly passes away, grows ill, or simply takes offense to the fact that you're missing? Now you've taken one of the very things that makes this life liveable, and by taking it for granted, you've thrown it away. Its sad that a lot of people do that. Many feel that if they get money by working two jobs, or stockpile what they get that they've accomplished something, when in actuality, having things, money, possessions rewards you only with ownership. You have a house, that's great. That's all you get for having it. Nothing special. You have a place to stay, which is good, but I'm sure you had one to stay before. You have stability now? Is there any real stability in this world? No. A house fire, a tornado, a flood, and you'll be right back to not having a house. You have a close relationship with a friend, or a relative? No matter what happens, you'll always have that. Its reward is more than just ownership. Its a lifetime of fulfillment.
Its a vivrant thing/Vivrant thing/Look at you, look at me/Look at you looking at me


kathryn said...

javann, you are a very quotable person you know that? you say a lot of thought provoking statments :)

so who is your best friend? or am i delving to deeply?

Jonathan said...

Did someone hack into Javann's blogger account and post this?

Javann said...

Wow, I'm quoteable? I did not know that. And my best friend? I don't know if I can give an answer to that. Not that its too personal, I just don't want my other friends to know that they're not my best friends, or that I like another friend more than them. I guess its like parents and their children. Obviously there's a child or two that they click with the most, but they won't outright say it. Yeah. . .that's a good explanation.