Monday, October 02, 2006

Ain't that just crazy/ain't that just funny/ain't that something?

If I had to burn a CD that I had to listen to for the next thousand years, what would I put on it? Lets pretend it'll take at least thirty songs. In the order that I'd want to hear them, here are thirty songs that I'd want to listen to over and over and over again. Within reason.

Format: Title - Artist
1) Hot N Cold - Basement Jaxx (from Kish Kash. Awesome album, favorite song from it)
2) Welcome To THe Jungle - Guns N Roses.
3) SpottieOttieDopalicious - Outkast (spoken word meets funk inspired Southern horn hooks and hi-hat cymbal. Brilliant)
4) LadyFlash - The Go! Team (yeah, I like em. Search for this video on YouTube)
5) The Mask - DangerDoom
6) We Live in Brooklyn, Baby - Roy Ayers (I live in Huntsville, but I still sing this song repeatedly. Roy Ayers is the man. The man, who coincidentally did a lot of songs for blaxploitation movies in the seventies. Proving that everything about those movies weren't entirely bad)
7) Faithful - Common (Asks an interesting question, if we can't be faithful to our significant others, what can we be faithful to?)
8) Novocaine for the Soul - the Eels (almost depressingly introspective)
9) Just A Thought - Gnarles Barkley (reminds me of Manic Depression by Jimi Hendrix. Listen to the songs back to back. Very similar styles and subject matter)
10) Metric - Ellen Allien with Apparat (hard bassline, violins and cello, a brilliantly simple drum pattern, some synth thrown in for good measure and we have a song)
11) The Big Jump - the Chemical Brothers
12) Shimmer - Fuel (Special place in my heart for this song, sorry)
13) Margarita - Sleepy Brown ft. Pharell (its just fun!)
14) Everlong - Foo Fighters (I didn't like rock before this song. Now I love it)
15) Breed - Nirvana (since we're on a bit of a rock kick)
16) Driving South - Stone Roses (its a really cool opening riff)
17) These Halcyon Days - The Tea Party
18) Kiss - Prince
19) Earthquake Weather - Beck
20) Only You - Portishead (first heard this while watching the Portishead DVD. It totally sold me on this song)
21) Doing it to Death - James Brown
22) What Your Soul Sings - Massive Attack
23) The Distance - Cake (the only Cake song I like. And its right on the verge of being with the rest of the Cake songs)
24) We Need A Resolution - Aaliyah ft. Timbaland (She had a sweet voice, and Timbaland knows better than any other producer how to capitalize on that)
25) Plug in Baby - Muse (still my favorite Muse song)
26) Ride Captain Ride - Blues Image (come on it starts with a Wurli piano, a reverse cymbal and the sounds of the ocean with seagulls. How can you not like this song?)
27) Use Me - Bill Withers
28) Province - TV on the Radio
29) Public Service Announcement - the Bravery (I've hooked at least one person on them. My work here is done)
30) My Sacrifice - Creed (you gotta end big. and no one does big better than Creed. That band understood how to take a song and just make it huge. I still remember the video of them playing this in a sinking boat. Or maybe that was Higher. . .)

So there you go. Go out and download those. Then get deserted on an island with a limitless supply of batteries and a really good CD player. Oh and food and water.


kathryn said...

nice :)

have you listened to the acoustic version of Everlong? it's's what made me wanna learn guitar in fact :) i dunno that it will make you love rock any more than you do but it sure will make you appreciate the talent of an amazing musician...

Javann said...

I have heard Everlong on an acoustic, and I do like it. That was the very first rock song that I heard and remember thinking, man, I really really like that song. Now its almost all I listen to.