Sunday, October 22, 2006

I feel like I have a lot to say. Its kind of funny, I'll be out delivering packages, formulating blog entries that kind of die somewhere between where I am and the computer. But here's a quick overview of some stuff I wanted to say, pretty much how I thought it.

I hate people who drive slowly. Also, people who say you shouldn't say "hate" because its a strong word. I hate them too. Literally.

When are you funny and when are you just annoying? There's a fine line between the two. I think truly funny people know where that line is. Of course, there's people who find it funny to be annoying. Sasha Baron Cohen and Andy Kaufmann come to mind in that area. That type of funny is harder to do though.

Don't try hard to fit in. Its annoying and definitely not funny.

I don't like Fudgems. He leaves chocolate sauce on stuff. How could you like that?

You know what, I hate Fudgems. There I said it.

Sometimes, I get angry about things that make no sense. I won't go into detail, because its kind of embarrassing that I think those things.

When I think of myself getting married, I honestly feel a little sick in the stomach. I'm sure my future bride, if she knew she were my future bride, would feel the same way. Does that mean I have problems? Probably. At least I'm willing to admit it. Not that that makes a difference. Admitting it isn't a battle.

Crazy is as crazy does. I think.


me said...

i agree with ya' on fudgems, he angers me......

Javann said...

Fudgems. No one really likes him.