Wednesday, October 11, 2006

So apparently, I've discovered YouTube. Which to this day, is still my favorite place to find music videos that I like. One in particular would be what I still to this day consider the precursor to the Gorillaz videos and theme. That of course would be the entire story told through out the Daft Punk videos. Its a cool little anime application to the Daft Punk band, in which they. . .well, I'll not ruin it. As long as I can find it on You tube that is. So here are the videos, in the the order they should run in from top to bottom. Thanks to Velt for letting me rip this CD instead of buying it. That's right, RIAA, I ripped a CD that I didn't pay for. I'd say come get me, but well, I bought it later, so. . .basically that rip ended up in you making a sale. I mean jeez what's next, I won't be able to buy a used CD?

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