Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here's a quick thought, cause I gotta jet in like 14 minutes, and I'm definitely not dressed, or ready to go anywhere, though I pretty much will throw on a T-shirt and jeans.

Recently a friend of mine and I were talking about movies, and how all the independent movies were essentially exercises in depression and always portrayed life as being horrible. Its rare you see an independent film end happily, often times, they end with two people who don't understand what's going on deciding they will not know anything and be lost together. Which is pretty sad, really. But I think the real problem is that many independent movies try to be the second act. In a trilogy, oftentimes the best movie in a trilogy or the best act of three is the second. Its because of the conflict, the tragedy. But what really made the second act awesome is that it didn't have to resolve any of the conflict they started. Its like trashing an hotel, and not having to pay for it. Its all the wreckage and none of the responsibility. But what we should remember is that somewhere, someone has to pay for it. Someone has to be responsible and tie up loose ends. Normally that's the third acts job, but if there is not third act, everyone's left feeling like crap. I know this seems disjointed, and that's mainly because it is. I'm strapped for time here people, I got stuff to do and I well, I'm procrastinating by blogging. Really its a poor choice, but I don't really care about how poor a choice it is, because I rarely do. Anyway, enough of my procrastination.

Though last thought, what the heck is up with people calling me conceited? Since when was a healthy dose of self confidence a bad thing? I'm sorry I'm not setting myself up for anorexia or or other mental issues because I actually LIKE being me. Geez.. .

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