Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Extemperaneous thoughts will never happen. Not as long as I control this blog space. Neither will deep thoughts apparently. Or posting. Or anything else bloglike. Because I am Javann, and as Javann, I don't have as much time to post like I usually do. No time in the morning, no time at night, some time during the day. And therefore, I have decreed that Javann will post his new blog for the day at around 1200, so that way, I'll not have to be up late at night, or early in the morning. I can happily ride the middle into blogging mediocrity, and that is how it shall be. Why? Because you asked for it.

So you want to be like Javann? Okay. Javann is currently enjoying the ATHF vol. 3 dvd set. You should as well, because Javann is awesome. And you, who want to be like Javann, vis a vis, awesome, should go enjoy that. Javann is also currently listening to the Gorillaz latest album, and simultaneously lamenting how week this year has been musically. Very little good has been done musically, and all the normal artists are either unaccounted for, or falling short of the high standard they've set. Alas, this shall be the year forever known as the year pop music was the only good thing you could find. And by good, I mean relatively good. Not actually good. Because then, I'd be calling pop good. Which I'm not. Since you've been gone. . . I mean. . .uh. . .end transmission!


Itzjerm said...

Hmm... I've always been confused by the ... no time to post comment? It takes ... 4 minutes? and I believe you posted you was watching ATHF? The correct word is Don't want to take the time.

Not that it matters... but anyways

and on music
I find it a great year.... with the 80's revival... (and yes i know you hate that Jav)

Dogs Die in Hot Cars
Kaiser Chiefs
Hot Hot Heat
Bloc Party

Beck performs the best he has in years...

and there ya have it.

Javann said...

Also, it may take only four minutes for you, but for me, its actually takes a little more time, due to the more. . .sophisticated content of my website. It only take a minute to prepare microwaveable macaroni and cheese, but it takes several hours to make a full course meal. Because my site is filling, while yours. . .well its your site. . .I mean, come on, I think we all see the difference there. . .

kathryn said...

i can breathe for the first time...;-)

you can always go to lollapaloza is in chicago next weekend. looks like a good lineup...nothing like a good weekend trip eh?

Itzjerm said...

Hmm... a post about your greatness.. thats a full course meal?

Javann said...

I am pretty great.