Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Yay, my shoulder hurts. I managed to damage the one thing that I never really use. My shoulder. Hooray again. How did it happen you ask? I was climbing up into a dock, after having made a late delivery, and I stood up and rammed my shoulder, just between the collar bone and the neck into this wooden shelf. And I went back down for the count. It was like I got punched by Mike Tyson. Not Mike Tyson now, I'm talking Mike Tyson, circa 1992, when he was the heavy weight champion of the world. Or something. Maybe its not 1992. . .anyway.

So I have a lot of topics floating around in my head, but for the sake of time, and also making sure that people view me as well, sane, I'll only mention this one. One which, by the way, would work a lot better on say, Jerm's site. Music captures moods perfectly. Its amazing really. There are still songs that when I hear them, I think about some situation, where maybe I was lying in bed staring at the wall, "coping" if you will. The point is, emotionally, we become attached to songs. So obviously, we can categorize songs to emotional events. For instance, a song that reminds me of a failed relationship is Movies by Alien Ant Farm. Why? Long, long drawn out story. But the point is, that's what that song does. Or when I think of a head thrashing party out rock song, I think Party Hard by Andrew W.K. simply because for a long time, I'd listen to that before every party I went too. Music. Its amazing isn't it? Are there any songs that make you think of anything specific? Evoke lost and repressed emotions, or even euphoria?

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Itzjerm said...


that song makes me feel horrible... and remember failed relationships...

Smoking Popes - Just broke up with my girlfriend

becoming free from someone who didn't know what they were doing in life.