Monday, July 25, 2005

Post in two parts. Both parts equal. Both parts same point. Completely different.
Post 1A:

Ever notice how people can inspire others to be selfless? It happens in relationships, families, on the job, pretty much everywhere. A couple has a child and they work like crazy to make sure that child gets everything it needs, and probably will ever want. Overtime, sweat, blood, tears, and if baby food, diapers, or one of those even flo swings were illegal, crime wouldn't be too much. But more than just children inspire that kind of willing selflessness. The love between two people will make them do anything to stay together. Its as if no hurdle is too high, as if no obstacle is too great or insurmountable. No matter what they find in the path of togetherness, they will push through it as if it were nothing, and gladly. Its amazing really.

Post 1B:
Ever notice how people will do crazy things to keep something? It happens mostly in relationships, families, on job, but really its everywhere. A couple has a child and they will do anything necessary just to keep the kid alive, but not only alive, but happy. Working overtime, sweat, blood tears, and anything illegal if it'll make that kid stop crying and start smiling. It doesn't just stop there though. If there's two people together, in a relationship, don't stand in the way. They will kill, cheat, murder, lie and steal to stay together. It may not even be a good idea for them to be together, it could be the mistake of their lives, and they will just keep plugging away as if its nothing. The look of pure happiness that covers their face is really just an amazing example of their deluded thought process.

A or B?

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Jonathan said...

I think I like B.