Monday, October 03, 2005

I don't get good at this game until I've had a few drinks. Better get your wins in while I'm still sober.

Like all things, this weekend came to an end. Unlike those other things with ends, it was way too quick. I crashed, as usual, but not at the end of the weekend, say, Sunday night. Oh no, I crashed Friday, and I skidded forward until Sunday night. I finally was able to pull myself out of bed and headed on down to the Jazz Factory, where I took out my frustration with my innately imperfect limitations on poor Jughead. No, I didn't beat him to a pulp with a cue stick, but I did savagely beat him at pool. After a few games, I then went to Sonic's listened to music, and wondered what happened to my weekend. I was supposed to go see Serenity. I didn't go see it. That's right, I didn't. And now, according to Tremaine, I missed the greatest scifi movie to grace the screen in some years. There was a time when I was easily able to stay awake all weekend with no problems. That time has come and past, and the partying can never last. Wake me up, when this whole thing ends.

To my credit, I'm a much better singer than songwriter. Not to my credit, I'm a horrible songwriter. And not much better at singing.

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