Monday, October 10, 2005

I've gotta secret.

Bright idea: Make seven individual CDs one for each day of the week. At least it seemed bright. It was idiocy in disguise. Because, well, frankly, I don't have the ability to follow through. Well, I have the ability, I don't have. . .the drive. Yeah, that's it. Five topping pizza, by the way, is a party. Prince said so. Its like when you read someone else's blog, and realize that your blog is really really boring. And that you live a boring life. That's what its like.

Man, I'm sore. I mean I really hurt. We played some football this weekend, and I "inducted" Jamaican into the society of American's who enjoy Monday morning quarterbacking, fantasy football, and large styrofoam index fingers. Sorry, ladies, now whenever Sunday rolls around, another man will be watching. I hold my stomach in laughter at your futile attempts to manipulate the men in your life into sensitivity and conversation. Sometimes, people say they have random thoughts. And then I reply, "I never get those. I pretty much mean to think." Nuances, its the little things that make life. If you know the nuances, you're in. You own everything necessary. All you need to know are the little things. The big things are pretty self explanatory, inertia, gravity, murder, blah blah blah, easy. The problem is the little things. The proverbial shades of grey (or if you prefer, gray). These are the problems in life. Sure gravity can kill you if you jump off a building. But gravity is why it rains. See, little things. The key to making sense is sometimes to make no sense at all. That doesn't make sense. I know.

Also, I've decided to buy a crossfader and two turntables. That's right, I know its totally cliche, but I'm not in the process of searching for the "wheels of steel." I'll be sure to update everyone on how that goes. Since I don't want to drop a lot of money for the stuff. That's the real problem. The money it costs for not one turntable, but two(!) and a crossfader. But at least I didn't say I was buying a television. What are you doing? Fighting the greatest evil there is son. But all you did was turn the television off. Exactly.


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Javann said...

I try to be. It normally fails.

jonathan said...

This time you did it, friend.