Saturday, October 01, 2005

Last night, a friend (who'll I'll call Jamaica for anonymity purposes) and I had an argument. After watching House of Flying Daggers, he felt that one of the characters was motivated by logic in his actions. Of course, I think that he was motivated by emotion. Come on. Emotions are some of the most powerful things that any human being can experience. I just don't understand how someone can be motivated by solely by logic. As anyone who's ever read my Keirsey results will tell you, I am ENFP, with a really strong feeling (or emotional) side. 88% feeling to be precise. What does that mean? My main motivation in life is feeling. If something doesn't make me feel right, I don't do it. Case in point. I'm at Walmart with Jamaica, looking for a cashier to ring up and get out. There's a line where I will literally be next. There's a buggy in the way. No one's attending it. So I step in front of it, put my beer down (that's right my rich delicious Yueng Ling lager) and wait. The person who's using the buggy comes back. Now, don't get me wrong. I am a man of decisive action, and I'm also strongly into the deal agenda. I do something that makes you upset, yeah, well deal. You don't like me? Yeah, well deal. Oh, you want to start something because I parked my truck in front of you? Yeah well, deal. You see what I mean. The only time that even comes out of me though is when anger or aggression is expressed towards me. I'm not like that, say at a funeral. I don't think that I should be mean to people who feel sad.

Which brings me to the point of what happened. The lady who came back to her cart didn't look angry, or furious, or even nonchalant. She looked genuinely disappointed. I mean full-fledged disappointment. I'm talking looking into her eyes and feel her pain disappointment. Which is why I couldn't stay in line. So I grabbed my beer (that's right my rich delicious Yueng Ling lager) and told her sorry. But here's where Jamaica and I differed. Jamaica felt no remorse, and even said as much. Now, the lady let me stay, even though I had pretty much left for another line, but that's neither here nor there. I was prepared to leave, while Jamaica was going to stay, regardless of how bad it made someone else feel. And there's where I draw the line. I have no problem with angering someone. That's your problem, and honestly, I'm going to anger people everywhere I go. So what, deal. But disappointing people? I can't bear to do that. Not to mention I can avoid disappointing people.

Didn't like this post? Too bad. Deal. Unless you're disappointed. In which case, I'll do better next time then.

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