Thursday, October 13, 2005

i was so addicted, i threw it all away,
someone told me that someday
soon i'd have pay
and when i came got to someday
i was looking for someway
to continue my habbit
i gotta have it
its not a habbit
i'm so addicted what can i say?
folks told me i needed to pray
for a better day
but i'm in the corner anyway
whispering in my phone
don't leave me alone
even though i say go away
i don't need to be on my own
where am i going what am i doing
look at me who do you think i'm fooling?
myself and no one else is in on my game
because the look on my face is the same
i'm not changing in weight and my lips are still pink
and if you think i'm normal, well that's what you think.
my addiction is mental and its so hard to shake
but i don't want to i think i love the heartbreak
maybe you've guessed what's wrong with me
or maybe what you're wrong about is me
its so plain to see
what it is that i need
i'm addicted to
what did you think it was?

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