Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jason Williams. One crashed his motorcycle, another shot someone. Either way, they're both Jason Williams.

I've realized that I'm a walking contradiction. I've been told I'm physically intimidating, but that only lasts until you talk to me, then you realize I'm the nicest guy you've ever met. I've been told that I'm mean, but then directly after being told that, I've been called one of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet. I have a relatively quick temper, which rarely manifests itself outwardly, since most of my anger leaves as quickly as it comes. I work a blue collar job, but apparently, I live an exceedingly white collar style of life. In most fight-or-flight situations, my inherent response ninety percent of the time is fight, however, I'm really not a beliver in using violent actions to solve problems. I hate indecisiveness, but I value good judgement.

You see what I mean right? I mean seriously, if you were able to take a portal into my head and hear my thoughts, you'd probably be shocked and appalled, but most importantly, you'd be confused. And to some extent, I'm confused too. I'd like to think that every human has some brand of confusion in their lives, but I realize I'm a special case. A head case? Maybe. Maybe I'm messed up in the head three ways to the weekend, but you know what? I dig that. I actually embrace the fact that I'm a little crazy. Its never really bothered me before, and I don't forsee it bothering me in the future. Do I seem weird at times? Yes, yes, I do, but I get it, the grand it, the joke, the punchline, and I think that everyone should resolve to get it. Not my version of it, of course, but their own joke, punchline, selves. You see once you get it, you're guaranteed to find other people who do too.
I get IT.

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Anonymous said...

you aren't crazy javann. :) had fun this past weekend. hope you did too.

ha. plus if you are crazy. then i am crazy. okay maybe we are crazy. but there are a lot of us. "champions" i mean. (jerms site..how many was it 5 out of like 15 people?)

Had more thoughts to say. But, i'd rather not blog them. take care:)