Saturday, April 29, 2006

No clue why I'm posting this as to no one who reads this blog saw this, will know anything about it, or likely care, but that's just how against the grain I am, folks.

Steve and I played a show today. It went very well, and to our surprise it was very well received. I mean really, usually people find as much stuff as they can to dislike about what we play. I have no idea why. But I guess people were just feeling particularly cheery today. Here's our little set list, along with quick descriptions which I'm sure you all will be extremely interested in.

1. Shades of Green. It's a Irish song by Phil Keaggy and it's extremely good. I played drums, Steve played guitar.

2. The Professor. Steve played this by himself on guitar and sang. It's a Damien Rice cover (one of his better songs, easily). I found it quite fun to walk away and eat cake after the first song.

3. Maliguainia. I had to come back though for this one. It's a Spanish song that anyone would know if they heard. Steve and I got our Latino while he was all playing the main bit and I was all screwing around the harmonic minor scale. It was instrumental, we messed up once, and it was just simply the worst on the set.

4. The Folk Jam. Alright, Steve got heavily into folk music last weekend. Heavily. So heavily he went out a bought a mandolin and wrote this bit. So he was on mandolin right and we got Dave Ferraro to do our bass guitar and I was playing a 12-string acoustic while keeping a kick drum/hi-hat beat going on the drums with both my feet. It was very difficult, but people liked it. If I hadn't been so lost in the effort trying to playing the chord to progression and keeping the beat going and doing all the other things I had to do maybe I would have noticed the folks clapping and dancing, as they reportedly were.

5. Bottom of Everything. It's a Bright Eyes song. We didn't really play this, just a couple parts with no vocals. Dave was on bass and Steve and I were doing the guitars.

6. Lull. It's a JMZ song. Since we had Dave on bass and Steve and I doing guitars, this was sort of an acoustic version. Two acoustics with the bass.

7. Tequila Dave. The most fun song ever to play, I'm telling you. The only moderately heavy song we did. Steve was on drums, Dave was on bass, and I did the electric guitar. We also tossed in a really long drum solo and a super cool, over-long Darkness-style ending, making the whole song like 9 minutes long. It was a good closer.

Some of it got videoed so hopefully that'll turn out well.


kathryn said...

that's awesome. where did yall play?

Itzjerm said...

excellent good to hear you are playin... perfoming.. entertaining the masses

Jonathan said...

Since our last try at a show went so horribly, the Swansons felt bad for us and were like, "Hey you should play at Jolie's going away party" (she moved to Bolivia). So that's where this one was; at her going away party.