Friday, May 07, 2004

I just saw this on someone else's blog and I'm all about stealing and thievery (well at least when it comes to the blog) so here we go!

Using one artist's lyrics, answer the following questions
(I'm interpreting this as one artist per question)

Are you female or male:
I met a gypsy and she hipped me to some life game
To stimulate then activate the left and right brain
Said baby boy you only funky as your last cut
- Andre Benjamin Rosa Parks

Describe yourself:

"because i'm lost, i'm confused
the reality we choose
is a long, long way from the dream. . ."
"but i've looked to the east
and i've prayed in the west
what i knw, i've seen
you just couldn't imagine
where i've been
and i feel at this time
i just need to rest"
- The Tea Party Samsara

How do some people feel about you:

"'cause my style ain't a style
That is a style"
- Craig Mack Can I Get Down?

How do you feel about yourself:

"Take me out alive
Take me out it's all so stale
Give me another life
Excuse me if I tried and failed
And I don't mind if I fall
It's not that far at all
I got a new thing, it's so inspired
It's not the real thing, but it's for me
Because the real thing I don't desire
So it's the new thing I choose for me
Denial comfort me"
- Fuel New Thing

Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:

"All my friends say they told me so
But it doesn't matter
It was plain to see
That a small town boy like me
Just I wasn't your cup of tea
I was wishful thinking
I gave you my heart
And I tried ot make you happy
And you gave me nothing in return
You know it ain't so hard to say
Would you please just go away?"
- The Commodores Sail On

Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:

"Purple Haze all around,
don't know if I'm coming up or down.
Am I happy or in misery?
Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on me."
-Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze

Describe where you want to be:
"I want to be free to know the things I do are right. . .I want to be free. . .so free"
The Commodres High On Sunshine

Describe what you want to be/do:

"If only I could get through this
If only I could get through this
If only I could get through this
God, God gotta help me get through this"
Daniel Beddingfield Gotta Get Through This

Describe how you live:

("just like music")
To do somethin to me like jump in the Mercedes
On the highway, doin over eighty
Without music baby.. ("Oww! I'll go crazy.. just like music")
Make me call my homey on the phone
Like there's somethin new out, that got me in the zone
Just that feelin, got me
I wish music can adopt me ("just like music")
- Erick Sermon ft. Marvin Gaye Music

Describe how you love:

"All alone by the phone
Waiting on you to call on a busy weekend
Tell me have I seen when I stayed around
Around the town waiting on you to tell me what to do
Cuz I'm happy being with you. . .
If love is just a silly game
Then I'm a fool that sang for loving you
Still I feel you don't have nothing to prove"
- Carl Thomas Giving You All My Love

Share a few words of wisdom:

"We get some rules to follow
That and this, these and those
No one knows
We get these pills to swallow
How they stick in your throat
Taste like gold
Oh what you do to me
No one knows. . ."
"Heaven smiles above me
What a gift here below
But no one knows
The Gift you give to me
No one knows."
- Queens of the Stone Age No One Knows

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