Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Wednesday. People graduated from high school yesterday, and we ate food with them. Good times. I wrote this yesterday.

I'm pathetic, I useless, I'm nowhere in between,
Don't be sympathetic, that's useless, just another dream,
another hope, another thought, and its really just for you,
throw me a rope, pull it taught, and now you've saved you.
Gravity pulls at me, the ground rushes up, and soon I'll be gone.
I don't want you to see, how my body turns up, your part is done.
Don't cry, just remember that I told you I would eventually depart
this world is a lie, and I know that if you could you'd rip it all apart.
I can walk, I can stand, I can talk understand, and as I leave screaming,
I realize this will end simply because I don't know I'm dreaming.

My mood?

Lets go club seal pup hunters

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