Thursday, May 20, 2004

Today. Its not yesterday, and it definitely isn't tomrrow. Chances are today is exactly what you wanted or needed. Today is the type of day that you could sit down outside, watch the sunrise, and really take the time to reflect on life. Today. Today is grasping the here and now, and taking advantage of that which is in front of you. Yesterday is officially the past, and the past is often only remembered today, but is definitely forgotten tomorrow. Tomorrow, today will be the past, but today will not pass into yesterday easily forgotten. Today is the day that we remember tomorrow, and undoubtedly, today will be the memories that should have been forged yesterday. Yes, today will forever live in the memories of those to whom yesterday and tomorrow were most important, for today will be the day when those individual shall live in the present. Today will not consist of constant longing for the past, or with the desire to look forward only to the future, but today will be a day of the present, a day in which all who are so eagerly running forward, or longingly looking back will be forced to stop and notice their surrounding conditions. Yes, today will be that day. Today.

(Thunderous Applause)

My mood?

Every time I transform, I have to lose my shirt. . .that last one was Armani. . .ARMANI!!

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