Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Yep, its Tuesday. Tuesday, the day of Tues. Apparently, some people think I don't post enough in my blog. A ten day break and now you talk about me posting. You don't miss your water till the well runs dry. Of course there's no water involved in this blog because electronics and water don't mix. At all. So what is the Javann thinking? Well, yesterday outside Food World, I saw this old man walking across the street. As he walked, you could tell he was in pain. He had on a formal dress shirt and a pair of slacks, and some really big black thick glasses. And as I watched him walk across the road, I stood there to make sure that the car that was coming toward him stopped in time. It made me think about how sad it is when the human body deteriorates. What is it like to think that this is it? I remember talking to an older man at one point, and him saying that he'd seen everyone he knew die, and that he knew one day that he too would die, and he seemed rather resigned to his fate. How does a person cope with that kind of pallor looming over you in the distance? As I watched the elderly man cross the road, I kept walking to my car, and part of me wanted to go back in and help him. I guess it was because he seemed to be alone, that no one was there to help him, not even his children. He had come to the grocery store by himself, and to me, that magnified his age. Not only is he struggling to make it across the road, but no one cares, not even those who he brought into the world as his progeny. The people who were driving back and forth in the parking lot were moving so fast that it seemed that one of them would easily run over him and keep going, not giving it a second thought. He was just someone who was waiting to die, at least to me, and as I walked out the car, I thought about how easy it is as a young person to take my youth for granted. Its easy to write off older people as being just a foot in the grave, waiting for their final nap. I kept thinking about it once I got home, and I decided that next time I see someone like that, that I'll turn around and at least offer to help them, not because I pity them and I think they need help, but because I want them to know that someone cares, and that someone doesn't want them to be walking zombies waiting for the grave to swallow them.

My mood?

I really couldn't tell you. . .

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