Friday, May 07, 2004

Another Friday is upon us. And what brings this day of unnatural terror? Well, its about five o'clock, the cows are calling and someone just woke up with sleep and bad dreams in his eyes and head. That someone is of course, Senor Jones, and the bad dream was indeed bad. SO here's what happened: I was at work eating some rock shrimp out of the cooler, and I see this guy standing at the back door watching. He's about 55, or 60 years old, but still a pretty big guy, with this weird eye. Its all white and cataracty, and when I look at him, he just kinda looks at me and nods. So I nod back finish filling the bowl I'm carrying with rock shrimp. He points at the bowl and then beckons me over, quite rudely I must say. I want to avoid conflict, and I'm not scared of the guy, and I'm ME (all 6'5" of me) and so I figure, hey lets give the man a break. SO I go over to him and then he grabs me clubs me over the back of the head with the bowl, and I remember thinking, STUPID!! So then I come to in this room, and I'm on a table by myself. As I look around I notice a weird smell, and then I see the walls are. . .throbbing. I reach out and touch one (AT&T style) and its this slimy gross, LIVING fibrous mass, and as I yank my hand back I notice that the table's definitely not a table, but some kind of tentacle that was holding me. At this point I'm far from calm in fact, I'm ready to scream, and then the clincher comes. My feet start burning. I look down at my shoes and there are holes in them and my feet are itching turning into burning and I realize, I'm in something's LARGE stomach. And I WANT OUT!! So I reach into my pocket, yank out the knife I carry to work and I rip a hole into the wall. As soon as I rip the hole, this somewhat viscuous purple fluid begins pouring into the "room" and I notice the stomach starting to seal itself. I rip again and then force my way out into the purple fluid. I'm panicking at this time because I'm holding my breath, and I can't see anyway out, and I'm a terrible swimmer, so much so that I'm a non-swimmer (real life and in the dream) Then I feel this stinging in my leg, and these monkey sized blobs are trying to engulf my leg, and then I realize. . .those are the antibodies of this thing. What did that guy do to me? Then I see a light so I swim to it and I hit at the monkey blobs, and as I thrust my knife into the where I saw the light, I could feel the purple stuff vibrating and my ears felt like they were going to pop, and then I ripped through and I was outside in this meadow full of flowers and grass, and I covered in purple fluid, and then as I laid down, I felt the ground rumble, and then it opened apart and I woke up as I fell down into it. So yeah, intense dream indeed. That having been said I'll leave you to wonder what exactly is wrong with me.
My mood?

It was all just a dream. . .right?

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