Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Well, election time is quickly approaching, which means only one thing. . .people I don't know or particularly care about telling me they can solve my problems. Of course, they can't, there's nothing they can do but give me empty promises meant to be broken, but I have to admit they do that well. Or maybe its just that they do that frequently, because even a small child can see through their "master" plan to rule the world. Why would anyone take a job as a politician anyway? Its thankless. All the good you may want to do, you'll never accomplish because there's more government red tape than there are people wanting to make a change. Compared to the money it takes to get the job, the job itself doesn't pay worth even bothering. And lets not even talk about the constant hassle of listening to other people's pathetic and often times insignificant problems. Roads to be paved, noise to be halted, stores to be zoned and built, subdivisions seeking total seclusion, all of these are things that annoy me and would drive me to be as cynical as possible. Roads not smooth enough? Buy luxury cars or walk. Not enough stores? Learn how to do without. Too much noise? Don't worry about it, chances are you'll be deaf soon anyway. Want total seclusion? The cememtary's always quiet last I checked. I'm not saying that you should kill yourself, but you could live there, seeing how nobody else does. Basically, I could care less about the daily "problems" that certain citizens of the bourgeoisie and upper class have with the city. You don't like it? You want to seclude yourself? Prison is also a very closed off space with good security. Why not go there? In the long run, I think that anyone who really wanted to get elected would admit that he couldn't solve problems, at all. All he could do is make sure that everyone had someone to complain to. Because in all actuallity, that's all anyone wants. Seeing results is also a good thing, but not as good as the relief you get from spewing all your anger at someone. Why do you think they call themselves public servants?
My mood?

Fed up. . .

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